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Bryan Adams rocks our world


Sunday night was monumental for team MNB. As you all know we have a long running affinity toward both Bryan as a person and to his fantastic music (as you’ll notice on the side nav have have 15 posts dedicated to him). On Sunday we had the privilege of seeing him live at the new Verizon amphitheatre.

Several months ago I purchased 6 tickets (for the whopping price of $9.85 each) and the plan was for Jeff, and I to go with our respective wives and to use it as a chance to find a date for Jonathan. I even planned to get submissions on the blog from eligible bachelorettes (and what quality girl wouldn’t want a free date to Bryan Adams). Unfortunately Jonathan’s health problems foiled that plan but through our text messages, phone calls, and e-mails we tried to make him feel right at home.

Bryan Adams Concert 7-20-08

Our goal for the evening (in addition to making out to “Let’s make a night to remember”) was to get a chance to talk to Bryan Adams, invite him to MNB, and give him an MNB t-shirt. Unfortunately we failed on all fronts. I did manage to make it to the mosh pit up front (and by “mosh pit” I mean swooning 40 year olds and their obedient husbands who stood by with their drinks in hand). I actually almost touched his foot (as evidenced by the crotch pic below.


The concert ended (or the good part at least…Foreigner was the 2nd band…totally nowhere near as cool as BA) and despite the security guards saying their was no way to see Bryan, Jeff and I would not give up. We proceeded around to the back entrance where the tour buses are located and the video below best recounts the interaction between the security guard and ourselves.

Note from Jonathan: Amazing. As you’ll notice, Joel chickens out towards the end. I think if I was there I would have been able to sneak past that guard while Jeff was keeping her occupied.

7 thoughts on “Bryan Adams rocks our world

  1. I have to commend you on the attempt. That security guard is pretty darn good for a girl without a gun, threatening to call “somebody like the police.” Did she mean a stripper cop? Perhaps you should have stayed around. Anyways, that was compelling television. I had no idea what would happen next.

    One question: Did Mr. Adams play “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?” Quickly, name a better song.

  2. After Joel shut off the camera, she actually did get “somebody like the police” on her walkie talkie. They didn’t know where Bryan Adams was.

    And regarding your question, that was the biggest letdown of the night – I can’t name a better song, and he didn’t play it.

  3. Yeah – I stopped at the first beverage station inside the entrance and it was the best option. I later discovered another, and then had a Longhammer IPA and a Sam Adams. But thanks for keeping me honest, Andy.

  4. “Somebody like the police” NOICE! lol

    I’m willing to bet either the Westin or InterContinental in Buckhead.
    I see tour buses roll through there all the time.

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