Budweiser’s American Ale saves a baby from a burning building


And thus begin the headlines for Budweiser’s American Ale, the savior of beers and babies alike. I won’t get into a review of the beer or discuss its technical merits (a great write-up can be found over at It’s the Beer Talking). I haven’t tried it, and don’t find myself clamoring to try one either.

But here’s the thing. How pretentious do you have to be to name something “American Ale”? Sure, they’re probably trying to boost their status as a domestic brewery after being acquired by InBev. Though I have a feeling the American Ale was in the pipeline long before the takeover. Allow me to personify Budweiser for a second:

Hey, planet earth. Remember beer? Yeah, we invented that. But until yesterday beer was all lagers. Well we invented this other thing called “ale.” You’ll love it. It’s American, so you know it’s good.

My worst fear is that this American Ale will somehow find its way overseas and give foreigners (especially foreign beer lovers) another reason to hate us.

8 thoughts on “Budweiser’s American Ale saves a baby from a burning building

  1. This wasn’t only in the pipeline before the takeover, it was in stores. I’d seen a couple of them in big packaging looking all fancy, considered buying one, then thought better of it.

  2. I can’t imagine this is any good, but maybe it’s proof that guys like you and other microbrewers have them worried.

  3. I would like to see all the Bud commercials touting America hood and apple pie dubbed into Flemish and posted to Youtube…hey, by the way, I have been vacationing on the coast of Maine for the past couple of weeks, and have found some good pubs/breweries along the way, including Smuttynose in Portsmouth, Federal Jacks in Kennebunkport and the new one, Novare Res in Portland, as well as the Great Lost Bear…all very good..what a great place to drink bear and enjoy cool, dry weather in the summer!

  4. “…another reason to hate us…”??? BAH!!! What reasons do “they” really have for hating us in the first place… Besides, everyone knows Bud is really a Belgium beer…

  5. Its a decent beer. I had a chance to try it a few months ago when I was interviewing with an A-B distributor. It’s essentially Budweiser’s new line to compete with the heavy players in the craft beer market (Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada, etc.)

    I believe Miller has a new line coming out as well, their special “Brewer’s Collection” or some sort.

  6. Michael, that’s about what I thought it would be like. “Decent.” It’s probably not going to offend anyone. Which I guess isn’t really American at all.

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