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Business meeting tonight. NOT.


So we’ve been pretty busy lately. Not so much with beer as with our regular jobs. Jeff has been working on some mysterious new deal. I just picture him looking out of the window in his corner office yelling “SELL SELL SELL”! Personally, I’ve been busy organizing and conducting focus groups. We were watching moms bitch about disposable products last night till 10:00PM. It’s pretty much the perfect way to spend a Tuesday evening. Joel was also busy with his job, testing makeup on animals.

In addition to Joel’s 9-to-5, he has also been busy deceiving us. We haven’t had time to meet for our monthly MNB business meeting these past few weeks, so I was looking forward to getting together tonight. Maybe drink a beer. Unfortunately, Joel let us know this morning that this wasn’t going to work.

And so our discussions shall have to wait till after Thanksgiving. The primary agenda items were starting to make some decisions on our pilot brewery (and hopefully make some of the first purchases in the next month) and having some preliminary talks on contract brewing vs. starting with our own brewery. Contract brewing involves “renting” excess capacity from another brewery. The idea was developed by Jim Koch of Sam Adams, but this is also the strategy employed by Chicago’s Half Acre ? and even our own Terrapin, though they’ve recently built their own place in Georgia.

So to sum up: no meeting. Thanks Joel.

4 thoughts on “Business meeting tonight. NOT.

  1. I think you guys should put together a Joel focus group so you can figure out how to market him more effectively. It seems like his presence in the MNB product-line is preventing you from taking the “quality over quantity” tack.

  2. You all suck. I am going to start a new weekly post called “why Joel is the best brewer”….sort of a no-spin-zone push to help convince our blog readers that I am number better and nicer and valuable than they’d believe based on reading your crappy posts.

  3. Joel it sounds like you need to have Fox news produce your blog space, I mean their tag line is “fair and balanced”

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