Cat fight!


When four men enter into a business agreement, there is bound to be conflict. We at Monday Night Brewery have just emerged from the first of what I’m sure will be many spats. I won.

The brawl was essentially about our current focus, and whether or not we should be shifting even more resources towards brewing and knowledge building in light of our recent brewing mishaps. I, of course, got defensive and slapped Peter like a little schoolgirl.

Ultimately we arrived at the conclusion that we were all on the same page to begin with. But that’s not the point. The point is that we have tasted the death fruits of friction, and have found them sweet.

(Actually, the point is that fights can either make us stronger or tear us apart. We now resolve, with cyberspace as our witness, to keep the lines of communication open and to not be afraid of confrontation and conflict.)

4 thoughts on “Cat fight!

  1. What I want to know is – which one of you is the white cat? Because it looks like the white cat is not…how do I say this…male.

  2. This isn’t exactly what I meant by “open lines of communication,” but I think Peter is clearly the white kitty. You can tell because he’s so tall.

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