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The Art of Beer Volume 3: Evereman

07.20.2016 | 0 Comments

The Art of Beer Volume 1: Sad Stove

05.23.2016 | 0 Comments

Laissez-Faire: a beer for the 1%

09.15.2015 | 1 Comment


10.02.2008 | 12 Comments

Naming our Belgian wit has proved trickier than we thought. We got a lot of great response from our last call to arms, but I’m still left feeling, well, witless. Here’s the issue: Wit’s End appeared to emerge as the crowd favorite, though there were some other great names thrown in the mix. However, I

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Naming our Belgian Wit: Part II

08.28.2008 | 16 Comments

We’re making some progress. The top 2 character choices right now are: Weatherman (wits are cloudy) Jester (wit… you know) And the top names are: Weatherman Wit Scathing Wit Wit’s End Unfortunately my contribution: “Walt’s Wit, Man” failed to make the shortlist. I suspect knavery. Any favorites among these? Or fresh ideas? The issue we’ve

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Interview with a brewer: Cigar City Brewing in Tampa, FL

08.22.2008 | 2 Comments

Name our Belgian wit

08.19.2008 | 15 Comments

Okay everybody. You obviously enjoy naming beers. Good thing, because we’re in another pickle… Our Weissguy Hefeweizen started out as a pretty traditional Bavarian-style wheat beer, complete with the ubiquitous orange peel and coriander. But after drinking more of the the wheat beers and determining where this beer fits into our lineup, we decided to

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Closer to a new pirate-themed IPA name

08.08.2008 | 15 Comments

Thanks everyone for stupidly ceding your beer name ideas to us for zero monetary consideration. You’re truly generous and/or naive. Of the 13 responses we’ve received thus far, I’ve hand-picked out a few of my favorites: Eye Patch Ale (a play on IPA… think about it) Mutiny IPA Hoppy Plank IPA Give us your thoughts

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