Tasting Room 2.0

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Introducing the Clip-On Series…

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Event Branding and Personalization

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Monday Night Brewing turns 3. Bryan Adams rejoices.

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Bourbon Barrel Drafty Kilt wins GABF Gold

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Buy your tickets now. Gun Show is here.

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Our Black Tie Series is about to get a little beefier. Gun Show, a Belgian-style golden ale brewed with fresh pears, clocks in at 8%. Sweet, dry, and toned. Arrives Monday, 9/8.

brewery wedding

A brewery wedding and why you should have one

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MNB, the best corporate event location

Why Breweries are an Ideal Corporate Event Location

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increase beer sales with craft beer

How to Increase Beer Sales at your Bar or Restaurant with Craft Beer

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Choose the beer we brew for Taco Mac

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[poll id=”13″] This March, you get a chance to change history. Or at least change the malts and hops we order. We are brewing a limited batch of beer for Taco Mac‘s Beer of the Month program in June: TMac Daddy. The name has been chosen. The beer style has not. We couldn’t agree with

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Three Piece Suit Football on February 1

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We are excited to partner up with Three Piece Suit Football this year. What is Three Piece Suit Football? Tackle football. Played by grown men. In suits. Come out and see what it’s all about Saturday, Feb 1 at 2pm. Boulevard Crossing Park, which is at 500 Englewood Ave, Atlanta. Oh buddy.

How to start a brewery

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So you like Monday Night beers, but you aren’t sure which one you like best? Pick up a Case of the Mondays. Yeah, we’ve got that Fu Manbrew, that Eye Patch Ale, and that Drafty Kilt to quench your thirst. But what’s that 4th beer peeking out? IS THAT SERRANO EYE PATCH?! It is. The

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Atlanta Beer Week, Y’all // Oct 19-27

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Bryan Adams crushes grain and shreds guitar.

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No tour & tasting on Saturday, Oct 5

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The brewery will be closed on Saturday, October 5 as we gear up for the launch of our Black Tie Series on Monday. Make sure you join us Monday, October 7 from 5:30-7:30pm for your first chance to taste Hipster Fresh Hop Harvest Ale! Guess what is happening on Saturday instead of tours? HOTOBERFEST! AND

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Westside 10K/10 miler on December 14!

09.10.2013 | 16 Comments

    Attention runners and would-be runners! We’re planning our first race to celebrate the Westside of Atlanta. It’s a 10K or 10 miler, depending on how fast you are, and will be exclusively on the Westside. Guess where the race will end? At our brewery. Guess what happens then? You get a complimentary brewery

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Tie One On – Nov 2, 2013

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Tie One On – our anniversary party will be later this fall

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We can’t technically change our anniversary, but we can change the date of our anniversary party. We are going to postpone until later this fall. This is the first time we’ve done something like this, so we want to make sure we can make it the best possible experience for everyone. Stay tuned!

Foodie Friday is happening again! July 26 at the brewery.

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  This Friday, July 26 at the brewery from 5-8pm. $10 gets you a pint glass, with 6 complimentary beer tastings. Bring some cash to partake in the goodies too! We’ll have local food from MIXD UP food truck, local desserts from King of Pops, and local music from The Pucketts. No need for reservations,

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July is Ties That Matter month at the brewery!

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New fermenters on the way. Tank you very much.

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So. Y’all have been buying all the beer we have been brewing. Which is cool, but that means we need to brew more beer. So we bought some more tanks. And for allowing us to supply you with some Monday Night beers, we tank you from the bottom of our heart. Here are a few

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