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There’s more than one way to drench a Joel

03.06.2008 | 0 Comments

Ah, conical fermenters. Ever since we bit the bullet and bought 2 stainless steel conical fermenters from Blichmann about a month ago, we’ve spent probably 30 minutes of every day staring at their shiny surfaces. I’ve actually given up looking for a wife and have settled for Gertrude, Stainless Steel Conical #2. When it came

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03.05.2008 | 2 Comments

Opening a brewery is exciting business. It makes you wonder why there are so few micros in Georgia. The answer, we’ve increasingly found, is distribution. Georgia’s distribution laws are archaic, it turns out. The now-defunct Dogwood agrees in this oldy-but-goody from 2004: As a start-up brewer, Moran says, his most important decision — more important

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Will drink with meat

03.04.2008 | 0 Comments

Wow, that title is way too clever, even for me, the proverbial KING of clever. We’ve been planning for our party (March 15?sign up to come on our sidebar) and Will has graciously volunteered his meat-smoking skills. Last night he brought over some brisket and chicken to try with our stout, hefeweizen and IPA. I

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Why you should come tonight

03.03.2008 | 1 Comment

Because Bryan Adams (in the form of our own Jeff Heck) will be serenading us with his Canadian lullabies. Jeff doesn’t know any of this yet, actually. We should have a pretty light night in terms of work since we will only be bottling, which should leave Jeff time to get sufficiently buzzed and bust

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Danger: busy Saturday approaching

02.29.2008 | 2 Comments

Tomorrow is arts-and-crafts day at Jeff’s house! Joel will be building out a fermentation chamber for our new conical fermenters. The chamber will involve an insulated box that ducts cold air from our freezer, similar to the one built here by the Duo Team. And while Joel is doing his best to not kill himself,

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Terrapin revs up

02.28.2008 | 2 Comments

There was a great article in the Athens Banner-Herald this month on Terrapin Brewery. I’ll hit the highlights. First, Terrapin started by contract brewing: Since 2002 when Terrapin introduced its first beer, Rye Pale Ale, the Athens-based company has been contracting with other breweries to make its beer, most recently getting its bottled beer done

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A Goodbye Bash

02.27.2008 | 2 Comments

On Friday we said goodbye to our dear friend and fellow brewer Troy Bash (Yes, that’s his last name…AMAZING). No, he didn’t die but after his 8 month stint in Atlanta (as some sort of “project manager”) he is now being shipped off to Detroit Michigan. Rumor has it he can actually see Canada looking

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Monday Night Brewery: the trademark application

02.26.2008 | 3 Comments

In addition to bottling for the party last night, we were also able to fill out and submit a trademark application for the Monday Night Brewery name. We’re proud to say that we were able to claim not only beer but also malt liquor and non-alcoholic beer. Can anyone say Monday Night Brewery Banana Kiwi

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02.25.2008 | 0 Comments

Tonight. BYOB. We realize this is not ideal, given that we are a “brewery” of sorts. But we’re stocking up big-time for the party March 15 (Are you coming? Vote on the sidebar!). If you think about it, swing by and bring a 6 pack of your favorite microbrew (excluding Monday Night beers, which are

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The Drafty will wait a bit longer

02.24.2008 | 0 Comments

I know many of you have been excited about the possibility of drinking our Drafty Kilt at the upcoming party (March 15 ? see you there). Unfortunately, that excitement will have to tide you over for another month or 2. We started bottling the Drafty Kilt Saturday, but found that it wasn’t quite up to

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Our banners arrive!

02.21.2008 | 3 Comments

Needless to say, we gon’ be official at the Brewhaha.

Come to our party, fools

02.21.2008 | 2 Comments

If you’re on our mailing list, you already know about our first Brewhaha, March 15 of this year. Unless our emails go straight to your SPAM folder, in which case you need to seriously reevaluate your SPAM software. We’ll have 4 of our beers served up nice, and everyone who comes will be given a

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Brewery Ommegang is NOT dog-friendly

02.20.2008 | 1 Comment

My roommate cracked open a bottle of Brewery Ommegang’s Chocolate Indulgence Stout last night. There must have been something magical in that beer (besides the cocoa powder), because our dog Donut was immediately drawn to it. She got hold of the cork (oh silly Belgian-style bottles) and would not let go. Mostly because she couldn’t.

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Tuesday morning roundup

02.19.2008 | 2 Comments

We brewed The-Stout-Formerly-Known-As-Lumberjack last night. Aside from longer than usual wait getting the temperature down cool enough to pitch the yeast, all went well. There was some whining (Joel), but no one died. We also busted out our second conical fermenter (see pic above), which was exciting to say the least. Oh, haven’t had enough

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Our Monday Night Brewery business meeting turns into a dork fest

02.18.2008 | 4 Comments

All the signs of a great business meeting were there. We had some interesting beers to try. Joel wasn’t in attendance. Jeff’s wife Hannah picked us up a nice Italian dinner from Figo (thanks!). And the meeting itself went well. We planned the party on March 15 (Are you coming? Let us know on the

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Brewing with Blichmann

02.17.2008 | 15 Comments

As Jeff and I started brewing a batch of our Swashchuckler IPA Saturday, we got word from Joel (still under the spell of the Godzilla virus) that our stainless steel conical fermenters had arrived. Well, what choice did we have? We had to go over there, bring them back to Jeff’s, and use them. And

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MNB bites the stainless steel bullet

02.15.2008 | 7 Comments

It takes a lot to get Jeff excited enough to crap himself. Well, he just crapped himself. Why? Because we have two (2) 14.5 gallon stainless steel conical fermenters from Blichmann Engineering arriving on Monday. We’ve been pinching our pennies to splurge on these bad boys, which offer a number of advantages: minimal handling of

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Bryan Adams Goes Creepo

02.14.2008 | 0 Comments

Our good friend Liz has sent us her modified version of Bryan’s (yeah, we’re on a first name basis) classic song “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman”. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d pass along the moderately creepier “Have You Ever Really Stalked a Woman”. Thanks for weirding us all out, Liz.

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02.13.2008 | 1 Comment

After sending out our invitations to the upcoming MNB bash on St Patrick’s Day, we’ve begun hearing back from loyal fanatics everywhere. We’ve had a number of truly unique RSVP’s and inquiries, including a few that are worthy of posting for your reading pleasure. Below is an e-mail that I received from a potential investor

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Interview with an organic brewer ? via Bearded Brewing

02.12.2008 | 7 Comments

Bearded Brewing has started an interview series with organic brewers. He recently talked with Daniel of Bison Brewing Company, whose fine beers can be purchased at Ted’s Montana Grill, among other places, here in Atlanta. I encourage you to read the entire article, but here’s my favorite question/answer tandom: What are some things you do

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Godzilla cancels Monday Night!

02.11.2008 | 1 Comment

Joel‘s body was invaded by the dangerous “Godzirra Virus” during his trip to Japan. And Jeff is “on a business trip” or some such ballyhoo. So unfortunately, we will not be brewing tonight. What this means for you? If you show up to Jeff’s house, you will be greeted by a team of ravenous Dobermans

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MNB goes organic (kind of)

02.10.2008 | 5 Comments

We’ve resolved to start brewing organic. And up till now, we’ve been all talk. Technically, we’re still all talk, but we have managed to procure 100 lbs of organic 2-row base malt ? no easy feat in Georgia. And thanks to Joel’s wily dealings we have more organic grains and some organic hops on the

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