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One beer. One vote.

02.08.2008 | 10 Comments

We’ve started debating the question which has no answer: If we have to pick one beer to go to market with initially, which beer should it be? There are many factors at play here, including what micros are currently widely available (Sweetwater’s 420), what Georgia has a taste for, and what name/label is most likely

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The business of blogging, part II

02.07.2008 | 3 Comments

I just got out of the New Business Summit in Nashville, TN, in which I spoke to (and with) a bunch of crazy marketing people about the why’s and how’s of blogging as a business. I say crazy because there was a banking seminar next door, and we definitely rocked the house. If I’ve learned

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The proverbial “business blog”

02.06.2008 | 3 Comments

Blogs. So hot right now. Blogs. Joel and I both work in marketing, so we’re pretty close to the internet marketing world, for better or worse. The past few years there’s been a huge push in digital marketing ? from corporate blogs to 2nd Life to MySpace. In general I think this has been “for

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MNB sees the light

02.05.2008 | 0 Comments

Joel‘s connecting flight to Atlanta was delayed last night, so we had another productive brewing session without him meddling in the “grown-up affairs.” We brewed another batch of our Swashchuckler IPA in anticipation of the March 15 party (mark your calenders ? invitations coming soon). I feel good about this batch. For one, we were

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More like Super-Duper Bowl!

02.04.2008 | 8 Comments

Our Superbowl lineup of non-Monday-Night beers. We didn’t venture far from the fold. Dogfish Head IBA and 60 Minute IPA are old standbys at this point. When it comes to pairing food and beer for a Superbowl, there are a few rules. One of them: anything goes well with homemade chili cheese fries. Oh? and

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Journey to Japan: Beers while bathing

02.03.2008 | 3 Comments

Today was a great day. Skiing in the morning, Japanese food for dinner, and Onsens with beer in the evening. Onsens (next to lots of cool electronics and cars) are one of the greatest inventions of the Japanese. They’re essentially volcanically fed hot springs that are usually up in the mountainous regions of the country.

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Journey to Japan: Beer Vending Machines

02.02.2008 | 1 Comment

As Jonathan has previously mentioned I’m currently in Japan visiting family. Apart from receiving a minor concussion every day as I walk through the doors and forget to duck (door frames are about 5’9″, I’m 6’2″…It hurts) the visit has been quite spectacular. One very interesting phenomenon is vending machines. They sell just about anything

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The quiet before (and after) the storm

01.31.2008 | 1 Comment

Usually after brewing on Mondays Jeff, Joel and I crack open a beer or two and collect ourselves ? our thoughts on the night’s events, future plans, updates on our lives. Last Monday it was just me and Jeff, but we still managed to have a good conversation, even without Joel giggling every time someone

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Our Bryan Adams air band

01.30.2008 | 0 Comments

Sure to garner the love of music critiques everywhere. Enough said.

That’s what SHE said

01.29.2008 | 2 Comments

We didn’t brew last night, but we did congregate, transfer 40 gallons of beer, and drink. Jeff and I both realized that we really DO miss Joel, even if we tend to rag on him [incessantly] on this blog. I especially miss his unemployitude right now, as he has plenty of time to devote to

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Q: Are we brewing tonight?

01.28.2008 | 1 Comment

A: Technically, no. But to the untrained eye, we will be brewing as scheduled. We will be drinking and performing beer-related shenanigans. Feel free to stop by!

Donut learns some manners

01.26.2008 | 3 Comments

Okay, not beer-related. But check out Donut’s new trick. She’s ready for a formal dinner!

Not a Bryan Adams fan? We don’t care.

01.25.2008 | 6 Comments

Bryan Adams, patron saint of Monday Night Brewery, is ON THE LOOSE. Bryan, heretofore known as “The Only Canadian That We Like,” is coming out with a new single from his upcoming album (titled 11) January 28. Yep, that’s Monday. Coincidence? In this case, yes. But it’s a money coincidence, thus confirming our suspicions that

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Another brewery on the Westside

01.24.2008 | 0 Comments

Well, not “brewery” per se… More like brewpub. 5 Seasons Brewpub is opening up another location: The exciting 5 Seasons Westside, our newest and most ambitious 5, is now rising at the intersection of Howell Mill Road and Marietta Street. Watch for a Grand Opening early in 2008. Hopefully this will help to tide you

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Our beer gun works like a charm

01.23.2008 | 7 Comments

We recently purchased a Blichmann beer gun, which allows us to bottle straight from a keg, giving us much more flexibility when it comes to bottling (when? how many bottles? how can we get Joel to leave us alone?). We’ve used the beer gun a total of 2 times now, and it’s worked like a

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Dear Joel,

01.22.2008 | 2 Comments

Thank you for brewing 30 gallons of beer yesterday! We didn’t want you to think your efforts went unacknowledged, so Jeff and I put together a little money and bought you a present, which we affixed to your car late last night without your knowledge: We bought it because it seemed like something Travis would

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Brew Day

01.21.2008 | 5 Comments

In honor of MLK I’m brewing all day today. Trying to get three batches (that’s 30 Gallons!) done so they’ll be ready for the brew-ha-ha. Come by whenever if you are in town and around.

A lesson in economics

01.19.2008 | 3 Comments

Will and Ashley, some good friends of mine, came down from DC this weekend. They hadn’t had any of our beer yet, and the only thing we have bottled at the moment is our Laissez-Faire (“A Capitalist Barleywine”), so we cracked one open. Will just happens to enjoy great beer. In fact, he’s kind of

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Updated newsflash: We do NOT rule

01.18.2008 | 3 Comments

I think we spoke too soon. While piddling around on the blog a few nights ago, I somehow managed to crap all over it. Literally. The site has been down for 2-3 days. Thanks to some fancy footwork from Moshu and the WordPress support forums, it appears that we’ve finally got it back up and

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The south gets mo’ betta’ Belgian beer

01.16.2008 | 1 Comment

The thing about Belgian beer is that you can never really have enough of it. Even when you’ve got such fine establishments as Brick Store. And ? bless my stars ? it seems that the South is starting to realize this. Yes, THE South. You know, the one that hates microbreweries. A new Belgian bar

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Newsflash: We rule

01.15.2008 | 8 Comments

We didn’t realize until recently, but it turns out we are awesome. The breakthrough came Thursday night as we dipped our Laissez-Faire Barleywine in gold wax and put labels on them. Turns out they look GOOD. Almost too good… Our friend actually took a bottle to Brick Store in Decatur and shared it with some

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The significance of a Harvard ballcap

01.14.2008 | 3 Comments

Jeff and I went to Taco Mac Saturday night to have a few beers and watch some football. While we were there, we were engaged in what is surely one of the top 10 conversations ever prompted by a Harvard ballcap. We finally got a table and were about to order some food to go

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