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The (not so) Holy Grail Ale

01.25.2007 | 0 Comments

Last night I supped at TWO: Urban Licks for the first time. Great restaurant and some fabulous food (though I think I may prefer ONE overall). As TWO is known for their kegs of wine (upon first entering I hoped they would be beer kegs) I opted to take a break from beer and order

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Spreadsheets and art

01.25.2007 | 0 Comments

Last Monday was our second attempt at a partial mash, this time the goal was 5 gallons of the “Breakfast Stout.” After spending the previous week pouring over Ray Daniel’s “Designing Great Beers” I had begun constructing what is evolving into a true work of art – the beer spreadsheet. Just enter a few parameters,

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Heaven will be a lot like a microbrewery

01.23.2007 | 1 Comment

On my excursion back to Nashville this weekend I thought I’d take the opportunity to check out the local micro, Yazoo. Given that they started up in 2003, they weren’t around when I was in high school (nor was I able to purchase their beer due to “underage-ity“). So. My brother and I made the

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Stout like lion, good like beer

01.21.2007 | 0 Comments

Who knew the Sri Lankans could brew like this? Last night I was having a nice dinner with the family at F. Scott’s in Nashville. Two things of note. 1) The valet told me mine was the only car he’d parked playing Immortal Technique. Immortal Technique is kind of heavy underground hip-hop, to which I

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How you know it’s good

01.18.2007 | 0 Comments

I went to a bar last night. To pick up chicks… or meet some guys for a drink. Whatever. Regardless, I was less than impressed by The Rusty Nail’s beer selection. Here’s how you know a bar is going above and beyond the call of duty: Of 5 meager beers on tap, approximately 20% of

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The Ultimate Frat Brew

01.17.2007 | 2 Comments

I find it interesting to hear responses when I tell people I’ve been brewing my own beer (and I tell a lot of people). Common first responses include “Why?” (because I can), “How?” (with my secret recipes), “Where?” (at the official MNB headquarters in the ATL) but the much better and fairly frequent response is

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Don’t show up early for brewing

01.08.2007 | 1 Comment

If you do happen to show up early, there’s a good chance that Joel will be tearing down his deck and will guilt you into helping him. There’s also a good chance he’ll give you tissue paper gloves to use while chucking nail-ridden boards into the back of a pickup truck. Or perhaps he’ll bark

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01.02.2007 | 2 Comments

Hey kids. Wow, this is weird. I feel like I’m having some sort of out of body experience. Like I’m floating high above the room, seeing myself typing about myself. You see, this is my first time blogging. Ever. Isn’t this a big deal or something? I guess I’m supposed to write about beer. Hm.

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Terrapin Rye Ale

12.31.2006 | 1 Comment

So here I am in Nashville… minding my own business… going to dinner at OMBI, a new frou-frou restaurant here in town. While they have a bar that extends the length of the establishment, they only have 2 beers on tap. One of them is a Yazoo Stout (apparently a Nashville micro which I’m ashamed

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Welcome friends…

12.29.2006 | 1 Comment

…to the official kickoff of Monday Night Brewery. Oh, this is going to be sweeeeeet.