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MondayNightMobile cruises into town

02.29.2012 | 0 Comments

ATL Collective + Bearings + Scoutmob = Awesome

02.20.2012 | 0 Comments

Winter Beer Carnival is here!

02.08.2012 | 0 Comments

Atlanta Startup Drinks + Monday Night Brewing

02.01.2012 | 0 Comments

Beer and Super Bowl Sunday

01.30.2012 | 0 Comments

Brewers work together to save on shipping costs

01.23.2012 | 0 Comments

Beer-infused cupcakes, and they are all for me

01.12.2012 | 3 Comments

Vehicle wrap: Round 2

01.03.2012 | 12 Comments

Alright folks, we heard you. “Make the logo bigger.” It’s every brand’s dream to have feedback from their consumers saying “Make the logo bigger,” so we’re not complaining. Since we’re still in startup mode, this vehicle wrap is a relatively large investment for us, so we want to make sure to get it right. We’re

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Insightful and/or irreverent feedback requested on our vehicle wrap design

12.30.2011 | 11 Comments

We have the opportunity to wrap a 2006 Chevy HHR with our logo. “Opportunity” is perhaps an optimistic word, given that the HHR has been discontinued. Chevy claims that it’s because people weren’t buying them. Hopefully they’ll still buy beer that’s advertised ON them. Still, we aren’t the kind of guys that look a gift

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“I want fun people to find me”

12.29.2011 | 0 Comments

If I ever go missing I want my picture on a 40 oz beer rather than a milk carton, because I want fun people to find me. A quote from M on Twitter. I agree with the sentiment, although I think putting your picture on growlers of craft beer would get fun people that are

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12.14.2011 | 0 Comments

If you like drinking weeknight beer on non-weeknights, while sitting in Santa’s lap, then we’ve got the party for you. Come out to Sound Table (or, more accurately, the place right next to Sound Table) and support The Global Give. Drinks, music, and Santa. Plus your donation to help kids get Christmas. What could be

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The perfect gift? A bottle opener neck tie

11.30.2011 | 0 Comments

That special someone in your life has been missing something, lately. He may not know it. But he soon will. How often have you wanted to open a bottle of beer with your tie? If you’re anything like me, probably not very often. But only because I never knew it was possible. We found an

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Local Three Beer Dinner 11/28

11.22.2011 | 0 Comments

Reflections after our first beer festival season

11.15.2011 | 1 Comment

We survived our first beer festival season as “brewers” instead of “drinkers.” Though, truth be told, we were also drinkers. It was a fun, busy time with multiple events every week. In some ways, November feels like the calm after the storm. A cold, dark calm, but a calm, nonetheless. This cold, dark weather has

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Help us by taking a quick beer survey!

11.10.2011 | 3 Comments

Update: The survey is now closed. Thanks! Hey folks, we need your help taking (and sharing) this 5 minute survey. Anyone who enters will have the option of entering into a drawing for one of the free t-shirts we are going to give out, as our way of saying thanks. Feel free to share it

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A deer busts its way into Taco Mac

11.08.2011 | 4 Comments

Tiny-handed bartenders need wait only a little longer for our small tap handles

11.02.2011 | 1 Comment

It is easier to dress like a pirate than a Scotsman

10.28.2011 | 1 Comment

Dress like a pirate (or wear a kilt), get a pint glass!

10.25.2011 | 2 Comments

Local Republic brings the heat

10.24.2011 | 0 Comments

Signs of a great business meeting

10.18.2011 | 1 Comment

Empty beer bottles on a front porch are always welcome images after a successful business meeting. We met on Joel’s front porch last night to discuss the state of affairs after 2 months of “being official.” While Joel kept trying to steer our conversation towards the latest Twilight gossip, we were able to fit in

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The Second Greatest Pumpkin

10.17.2011 | 0 Comments

The title of Great Pumpkin was claimed years ago, and we have to respect that. But the title of Second Greatest Pumpkin is still available to our knowledge. We would like to bestow this title on this pumpkin, carved by Jonathan Tubbs.