Beer Casserole: What happens when you brew with whatever’s lying around

04.19.2007 | 3 Comments

Casserole is to food as Monday’s ale is to beer. And that’s not necessarily bad. Some casseroles are quite scrumptious. Essentially, after bottling 150 beers on Saturday, we realized that we had not performed our usual “beer ingredients run” to buy grain, hops, yeast, etc. for next week’s brew. We also realized that we desperately

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MNB flexes its bottling muscles

04.16.2007 | 0 Comments

Yes, as many of you know, we’ve been in a slump lately. A wild-yeast-induced slump. Unfortunately we didn’t realize this until the first batch became drinkable (or explodable). Since we brew every week, that means there were three other batches brewed using the same processes and scratched up plastic buckets. That means four total botched

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Cranberries = a punch in the face

04.11.2007 | 10 Comments

At risk of forfeiting our manhood we have brewed a cranberry ale, which we are currently calling Pucker Punch. We thought a boxing analogy would trick everyone into thinking there was no fruit in it. I know everyone has been waiting on pins and needles for the next label to be revealed, especially after we

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A Cautious Optimism

04.10.2007 | 1 Comment

With so many new beers in fermentation right now and our recent struggles with sanitation, it was with nervousness and trepidation that I sampled our four latest beers as we transferred them into secondary last night. The first tastes, though tentative, were encouraging. Two are particularly worth mentioning. The Base Jumper Double IPA already tastes

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Sparge 2.0: The Reckoning

04.09.2007 | 1 Comment

As long as everyone else is giving excuses for not participating in this month’s Session, I thought we might as well jump on board. To answer the naysayers, we were engaged in purchasing and assembling our brand spankin’ new sparging setup. By “we” I mean Peter. For those readers who don’t know what sparging is

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How not to impress your friends with your brewing prowess

04.08.2007 | 4 Comments

First off, when your friend (hey Katy!) rolls up, don’t have your newest batch of WeissGuy hefeweizen sitting on the counter in all its tepid glory. Even though it’s officially one week away from drinkability, I thought I would crack one. Mostly because of the recent beer shortage, brought on by an exploding batch of

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Base Jumper Double IPA

04.07.2007 | 9 Comments

As promised, here is the first of 3 new brew labels after our brewing field day on Monday. We’ve also got a Cranberry Ale (Pucker Punch) and a Cream Ale (as yet unnamed). This is a first draft, so comments are accepted, expected and encouraged. Note on the Cream Ale– we are definitely still looking

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Motherly brewing advice (from my mother)

04.03.2007 | 3 Comments

Last night, my mom sent me an email about our brewing processes. It was the best email I’ve ever gotten from her. (Mom, if you’re r ading this, that’s not true.) Just read Jeff’s blog about the plastic buckets. I would switch to glass. Plastic tends to hold flavors in them and you can’t wash

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All signs point to YES

04.02.2007 | 1 Comment

Jeffrey at Wort’s Going On Here? recently posted about an article outlining the positive trends in craft brewing. His comments: According to a Boston Patriot Ledger article, craft beer sales have risen 30% versus mainstream beers 2% increase, driven by the American public’s desire to enjoy premium items, like artisanal foods, gourmet popcorn and ice

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The Drafty Kilt imparts its will

03.30.2007 | 3 Comments

Cold fermentation: another Monday Night first. Monday we brewed our inaugural cold-fermented beer in the form of a Scotch Ale, definitively named Drafty Kilt. Ah yes, there she is, just a-bubbling away. The bucket on the left is filled with water. We had some trouble stabilizing the temperature, and thought that a bucket of water

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Week Off = Brew-a-thon

03.28.2007 | 1 Comment

This week is my last one in my current job, and I’m taking next week off before beginning my new one. So next Monday instead of a single batch in the evening, I’m shooting for three batches throughout the day. Any suggestions on new styles to try? I’m thinking about a cream ale, but other

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Full house! Also, zombies!

03.13.2007 | 0 Comments

I just got back from Tuesday Night Zombies. After the success of Monday Night Brews, a few of us (okay, just me and Phil) decided to follow it up with a weekly night of dinner-and-a-zombie-movie. This night’s flick was the groundbreaking, albeit controversial Romero classic Dawn of the Dead. They said it was controversial anyway.

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“You’re my favorite mistaa-aake”

02.23.2007 | 3 Comments

A few nights ago I was having myself a homebrew and throwing myself some darts (side note: everyone who drinks beer should have a dart board in the house). I was drinking the January 8 version of our IPA, which happened to be the same version that we [Jeff] messed up by adding the wrong

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Help us name our bitter!

02.20.2007 | 14 Comments

We brewed an English Special Bitter last night (Jeff might call it a “special bitter” with just a hint of brewmaster stuffiness). Joel had the idea of holding off on brainstorming until we were buzzed, but we forgot. I blame Joel. So… we can essentially go anywhere with this one. Feel free to bring in

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Later Tonight on Fairhaven…

02.19.2007 | 2 Comments

The brewing will be underway in just a few short hours at Joel’s humble abode. This weekend I picked up the making for an English bitter. See, about 6 weeks ago, I added the wrong grains to a batch of IPA (added some Vienna and Cara-pils instead of 20L Crystal), and ended up with a

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Oatmeal Stout – Round 2

02.16.2007 | 0 Comments

Just cracked the first of the latest batch of oatmeal stout, and it was a pleasant surprise. Our first attempt tasted like an aggressively hopped half-stout half-brown ale, so the number one priority was just nailing the style. This was much better – the hops were much more appropriate for a stout, and really allow

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The Weiss Guy

02.14.2007 | 3 Comments

So I think the concensus on the new brew is to call it “The Weiss Guy” (thanks to Walter for the name). Next task is to nail down a quote and we are wide open for suggestions. Potential themes include: The Mafia Adolf Hitler (it’s a German Beer) The Nazis (See above) Wisdom (or not)

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Don’t forget to vote!

02.09.2007 | 0 Comments

Be sure to check out our About section and vote for your favorite brewer. The guy on the left is my personal favorite. Notice the “devil may care” attitude, the massive nose bruise and the crazy trucker beard. His name is Jonathan and he is my idol.

Hefe help!

02.08.2007 | 2 Comments

We’ve already bent our own rules… Monday we brewed our first wheat beer and neglected to name it during the brew session. (Yes, brew session. It’s the lingo used in the business. Consider yourself informed.) That said, we’d love your help. The stipulations: Each of our beers is going to revolve around a “character.” Fat

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02.06.2007 | 1 Comment

It was Monday Night. Four regulars stood in front of three small glasses each. The trio of glasses were half-full of beer, colors ranging from a dark corn to a medium amber. The blind taste test had begun. As we sampled the beer from each glass, Jeff stood by quietly, smiling like a little urchin.

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Spreadsheets and art

01.25.2007 | 0 Comments

Last Monday was our second attempt at a partial mash, this time the goal was 5 gallons of the “Breakfast Stout.” After spending the previous week pouring over Ray Daniel’s “Designing Great Beers” I had begun constructing what is evolving into a true work of art – the beer spreadsheet. Just enter a few parameters,

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The Ultimate Frat Brew

01.17.2007 | 2 Comments

I find it interesting to hear responses when I tell people I’ve been brewing my own beer (and I tell a lot of people). Common first responses include “Why?” (because I can), “How?” (with my secret recipes), “Where?” (at the official MNB headquarters in the ATL) but the much better and fairly frequent response is

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