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Working at a growing brewery

11.13.2015 | 0 Comments

Monday Night Brewing has only been around for 4 years as a revenue-generating entity, so in one sense we’re still making up for 5 revenue-losing years of home-brewing out of our garage. In those 4 short years, we’ve experienced double-digit and triple-digit growth annually, now distribute to two states, and employ a motley crew of

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Introducing the Clip-On Series…

05.01.2015 | 1 Comment

Monday Night expands like sweatpants

01.25.2015 | 4 Comments

Monday Night in Alabama

07.31.2014 | 2 Comments

How to start a brewery

12.31.2013 | 5 Comments

Something shiny this way comes

09.27.2012 | 8 Comments

We’ve ordered our new brew system, a 4-vessel 30 BBL baby. Joel and Adam took a trip up to DME in Canada to see how construction is coming along. Who is Adam? He’s our new head brewer. More on him later. For now, all you need to know is that Adam is really good at

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A Quick Peek Inside the New Space

08.14.2012 | 8 Comments

There’s still plenty of work to be done to make our new home into a brewery. But that’s why we have “BEFORE” pictures! This will be our new tasting room. Right now it’s mostly concrete. You can see the offices to the left, and the two large bay doors on the back wall lead into

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08.08.2012 | 8 Comments

Monday Night Brewing launched exactly one year ago. August 8, 2011. And on August 8, 2012, we have exciting news. I’ll let the picture speak for itself. That’s right. Our brewery and tasting room is on the way soon. Over the next 6 months we will be installing our 30 BBL brewhouse, a brand new

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Lessons from a craft beer startup

05.22.2012 | 7 Comments

Vehicle wrap: Round 2

01.03.2012 | 12 Comments

Alright folks, we heard you. “Make the logo bigger.” It’s every brand’s dream to have feedback from their consumers saying “Make the logo bigger,” so we’re not complaining. Since we’re still in startup mode, this vehicle wrap is a relatively large investment for us, so we want to make sure to get it right. We’re

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Insightful and/or irreverent feedback requested on our vehicle wrap design

12.30.2011 | 11 Comments

We have the opportunity to wrap a 2006 Chevy HHR with our logo. “Opportunity” is perhaps an optimistic word, given that the HHR has been discontinued. Chevy claims that it’s because people weren’t buying them. Hopefully they’ll still buy beer that’s advertised ON them. Still, we aren’t the kind of guys that look a gift

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Tiny-handed bartenders need wait only a little longer for our small tap handles

11.02.2011 | 1 Comment

Signs of a great business meeting

10.18.2011 | 1 Comment

Empty beer bottles on a front porch are always welcome images after a successful business meeting. We met on Joel’s front porch last night to discuss the state of affairs after 2 months of “being official.” While Joel kept trying to steer our conversation towards the latest Twilight gossip, we were able to fit in

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Reflections from the other side: 4 Mondays in

08.29.2011 | 7 Comments

Full kegs of beer are a beautiful thing

07.29.2011 | 8 Comments

Yesterday we kegged the first production batch of Monday Night ? both the Eye Patch Ale and the Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale. The sight brought tears to my eye. Partly because it was so beautiful to see them all lined up and ready to go, like kindergartners on their first day of school, but mostly

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We won’t be brewing on Monday nights (for now), and why that’s a GOOD thing

06.09.2011 | 8 Comments

THE BAD NEWS: We won’t be meeting on Monday nights until we launch. THE GOOD NEWS: We are launching soon. And our decision to put off brewing is being made only because we are so close to launching. We have contracts in place, orders in, and for all intents and purposes we are operating as

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04.21.2011 | 2 Comments

We are now the proud owners of 470 of these. Well… not exactly. We actually own some of these 1/2 barrel kegs and some smaller, 1/6 barrel kegs. But total, 470. And that’s just for starters, folks. Now to put something in them…

The keg question

01.20.2011 | 5 Comments

Kegs will represent a significant investment for us. Apparently stainless steel is the new black. And it’s worth its weight in gold. But while we have an idea of how much beer we will be able to sell, we still have to decide in what quantities we will be selling it. There are 2 primary

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Check please!

01.12.2011 | 1 Comment

We realize this is probably not as exciting to you as it is to us. But we sent out our first business check today. Or… we will, as soon as the Post Office starts delivering mail again. These are exciting times, friends. Today, I logged into Quickbooks for the first time. Ever. I printed a

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The Joys of Banking

12.15.2010 | 3 Comments

Final tap handle designs, finally

08.18.2010 | 2 Comments

Well folks, these are them. When we launch, these are the tap handles you should look for at your local bar. And if you don’t see them, you should ask about them. Let us know what you think! Note: Although these look very similar to neckties, they are not to be worn to formal events

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Our tap handles are almost ready!

07.08.2010 | 4 Comments

We recently received samples of our tap handles in the mail for us to approve before going into production from Taphandles Inc. Below are a few shots. Overall these things look great. We need to adjust the colors a little bit, but other than that they are pretty darn close. Hopefully you’ll be able to

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