MNB: legitimate business

More focused direction for MNB brand

01.07.2009 | 8 Comments

I’ll be honest. This is a tough post for me to write. We’ve poured a lot of time and energy into the Monday Night Brewery brand over the past few years. And as “Marketing Guy and Outside-the-box Guru,” it’s been my baby. Or girlfriend, probably more accurately. But as we’ve come closer to a launch

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Weekends are overrated

11.20.2008 | 7 Comments

The bigger picture: Where MNB is as a business

11.12.2008 | 8 Comments

We started brewing in September 2006. It was almost 2 years ago that we thought there might be more to this. We had the passion, the vision, the business skills. And so we developed and set forth a 3 year launch plan. During the past 2 years we’ve stuck surprisingly close to our schedule. These

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Collecting bids from 6-pack carrier manufacturers…

11.06.2008 | 3 Comments

…is annoying and time-consuming.

Time for some business decisions

09.04.2008 | 5 Comments

We’ve been at this whole “trying to start a brewery thing” for two years now, to the month. We’ve come a long way in two years and I think we’re finally starting to reach some pivotal decisions. Up till this point we haven’t had to make any life-or-death decisions. But now as we start to

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That’s why they call them business socks

08.10.2008 | 2 Comments

Prior to the last couple weeks, I had been out for about 2 months with ulcers. Jeff and Joel kept everything headed in the right direction, but we were unable to progress much on the ‘turning this into a money-making endeavor’ front. Unless they held some secret meetings without me… Last week we had our

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Those kids with their emails and their car phones…

05.21.2008 | 5 Comments

It’s Business Time

05.17.2008 | 1 Comment

How you know you’ve arrived

04.03.2008 | 6 Comments

There’s a long list of things we keep checking to see if we’ve arrived as a viable business. At the top of the list? Acronyms. Specifically, is MNB a legitimate acronym, recognized by the acronym people? It is with much pride that I can now say we have arrived. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, thanks to

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03.05.2008 | 2 Comments

Opening a brewery is exciting business. It makes you wonder why there are so few micros in Georgia. The answer, we’ve increasingly found, is distribution. Georgia’s distribution laws are archaic, it turns out. The now-defunct Dogwood agrees in this oldy-but-goody from 2004: As a start-up brewer, Moran says, his most important decision — more important

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Monday Night Brewery: the trademark application

02.26.2008 | 3 Comments

In addition to bottling for the party last night, we were also able to fill out and submit a trademark application for the Monday Night Brewery name. We’re proud to say that we were able to claim not only beer but also malt liquor and non-alcoholic beer. Can anyone say Monday Night Brewery Banana Kiwi

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Our Monday Night Brewery business meeting turns into a dork fest

02.18.2008 | 4 Comments

All the signs of a great business meeting were there. We had some interesting beers to try. Joel wasn’t in attendance. Jeff’s wife Hannah picked us up a nice Italian dinner from Figo (thanks!). And the meeting itself went well. We planned the party on March 15 (Are you coming? Let us know on the

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One beer. One vote.

02.08.2008 | 10 Comments

We’ve started debating the question which has no answer: If we have to pick one beer to go to market with initially, which beer should it be? There are many factors at play here, including what micros are currently widely available (Sweetwater’s 420), what Georgia has a taste for, and what name/label is most likely

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The proverbial “business blog”

02.06.2008 | 3 Comments

Blogs. So hot right now. Blogs. Joel and I both work in marketing, so we’re pretty close to the internet marketing world, for better or worse. The past few years there’s been a huge push in digital marketing ? from corporate blogs to 2nd Life to MySpace. In general I think this has been “for

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The quiet before (and after) the storm

01.31.2008 | 1 Comment

Usually after brewing on Mondays Jeff, Joel and I crack open a beer or two and collect ourselves ? our thoughts on the night’s events, future plans, updates on our lives. Last Monday it was just me and Jeff, but we still managed to have a good conversation, even without Joel giggling every time someone

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Stirring it Up

12.22.2007 | 3 Comments

I’ve been becoming a bit of a health nut over the past few months. Don’t fear – I’m still drinking plenty of good beer (Guinness is good for you..Right?) but I’ve cut back on over-processed foods in favor of organics, whole grains, and flax seed (keeps you regular). Anyhow, my wife’s cousin works for a

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Business meeting tonight. NOT.

11.14.2007 | 4 Comments

So we’ve been pretty busy lately. Not so much with beer as with our regular jobs. Jeff has been working on some mysterious new deal. I just picture him looking out of the window in his corner office yelling “SELL SELL SELL”! Personally, I’ve been busy organizing and conducting focus groups. We were watching moms

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Assistant brewer, anyone?

10.12.2007 | 6 Comments

When we make the transition from homebrewing to commercial brewing, we fear we will have a lot to learn. An interview with Steve of Beau’s All-Natural Brewing has only confirmed this. Needless to say, Jeff (our brewmaster) is worried. None of us has had any formal beer training. While we’d like to send at least

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Why I love the business of brewing

08.13.2007 | 1 Comment

Most industries are cutthroat. Brewing is no exception, at least at the top. However, the craft brewing and micro scene is a bit different. Beer is not treated as a commodity, but a differentiated product. And making this product is so time-consuming and variable-dependent that no one brewery could possibly brew enough different kinds of

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“Please pardon our progress”

07.25.2007 | 1 Comment

I hate that phrase. No one’s going to think more of you because you call it “progress” instead of “mess.” Nonetheless, we’re making progress. Specifically on an email newsletter (perhaps to be sent out today, so sign up soon!) and a complete site overhaul. Joel gets weird about our website, so that one might take

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The Dogfish Head of the South

06.22.2007 | 0 Comments

Whilst washing about 200 bottles last Saturday, Jeff, Joel and I participated in another segment of what has been an ongoing MNB discussion: what kind of brewery should we be? We’re early enough in the brewery creation stages that we can still shift gears fairly easily. And this is something we will continue to wrestle

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Save Georgia’s m crobrewery!

06.14.2007 | 1 Comment

I have gotten multiple emails today calling for action against an initiative being voted on in the Georgia Department of Revenue. In a nutshell, there is a chance that microbrewery tours in Georgia could become severely restricted in the amount of beer each person can sample. The cap would be 2 oz per beer, with

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