Monday Night

Brewing is on, help us harvest our hops!

09.28.2009 | 1 Comment

Now that we have a new freezer, we can safely brew again. Join Jeff and Joel tonight (I will unfortunately be out of town) to break in our new fermentation chamber. We will also be harvesting some hops and could use some extra hands. If you don’t have any hands, please come on by anyway.

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Well at least it’s not raining (brewing canceled)

09.21.2009 | 0 Comments

As if the months of rain we have had in Atlanta weren’t enough, our fermentation chamber is still broken. We are going to be spending this evening scouring Craigslist and Sears stores to find a suitable replacement. If you venture outside this evening, don’t turn into a prune! Seriously, don’t. You might get eaten by

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Due to technical difficulties

09.14.2009 | 0 Comments

Due to some unforeseen technical difficulties involving the inner-workings (or lack of inner-workings) of our fermentation chamber, we will not be brewing this evening. Instead, we ask that you perform a “fermentation chamber dance,” which is similar in spirit to a “rain dance.” For those who haven’t been clued in, a “fermentation chamber dance” involves:

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Monday Night recap: “Labor Day is more relaxing than it sounds” edition

09.08.2009 | 2 Comments

We had a lighter crowd than normal yesterday, but that doesn’t mean that we missed you guys. All you “Labor Day” folks with your “out-of-town plans” and “better things to do.” Bah. This was our second week brewing with the new Brew-Magic system and we brewed the same recipe of the Drafty Kilt that we

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Labor Day brewing: 5-8pm

09.06.2009 | 0 Comments

We’re going to celebrate Labor Day in our own way… by brewing on the early side. Tomorrow we’re going to give the Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale another go on our new Brew-Magic. Feel free to stop by Jeff’s house between 5-8pm to partake in the stainless steel festivities, but know that we’re going to close

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Monday Night recap: “Hello, Dave” edition

09.01.2009 | 16 Comments

Last night we brewed on our brand-new Brew-Magic last night for the first time. Joel performed a few nifty modifications on Saturday, bolting one of the pumps we use in chilling to the base (it’s on the left) and strapping our propane to the bottom to give us some more shelf space. And while there

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We are brewing tonight. And there was much rejoicing.

08.31.2009 | 7 Comments

Our Brew Magic came in Friday night. So obviously we have to break it in tonight. We’d love to have you join us at 8pm, though there are a few caveats: You must promise not to make fun of us for being overly excited about our new brewing system. You must commit to spending at

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We can’t brew tonight. Not with our new toy in the mail.

08.24.2009 | 3 Comments

We’re not going to brew tonight. Here’s the deal. Our Sabco Brew Magic should get here late this week, and we’re pretty much ecstatic. Joel peed himself a little bit yesterday. We can’t in good faith brew on our current system. With our new system in the mail, it would be like going on a

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Less Monday in the short-term, more Monday in the long-term

08.18.2009 | 6 Comments

Many of you have noticed that we have been canceling Monday Night more than usual lately. Little quips like this on Twitter have clued us in: Fortunately we’re pretty terrible at reading sarcasm. Mark, I am going to come over to your house with a 6-pack of Bacardi Mojitos to make up for it. Two

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Brewing is canceled tonight, but on the plus side…

08.17.2009 | 3 Comments

The bad news? We’re going to have to cancel brewing tonight. Joel is currently in his second-favorite state, yada yada yada, it’s just not going to happen. The good news? Jeff Heck is 29 years old as of yesterday. Happy birthday, CEO Guy. We love you even though you are incapable of starting a mash.

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Brewing is on, with or without a car

08.10.2009 | 2 Comments

Yesterday in rural Georgia, this happened to my car: And not even Joel, who was riding with me, was able to MacGyver a new fanbelt, so we had to get ‘er towed. Fortunately it should be fixed today, so brewing is on like a pot of neckbones. Tonight we will be brewing up another batch

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Monday Night canceled for 2nd week in a row. The world mourns.

08.03.2009 | 2 Comments

Sorry guys, but due to some unplanned sicknesses in Jeff’s household we’re going to have to cancel brewing tonight as well. What kind of sickness? I suspect the swine flu, but Joel has his money on polio. We tried to convince Jeff that Drafty Kilt is a good cure-all for any disease, but he wasn’t

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Brewing canceled, Jeff sheds single tear

07.27.2009 | 0 Comments

Due to circumstances beyond the comprehension of the human brain, we are going to have to cancel brewing tonight. We thought about canceling Monday night itself, but that seemed a little excessive. Instead of awkwardly showing up at Jeff and Hannah’s house and ruining a romantic dinner, we suggest you pop on in at Hop

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Monday Night recap: “A little help from the little people” edition

07.21.2009 | 4 Comments

You’re never too young to teach Joel how to sparge correctly. Joel’s niece pitched in and helped us with a slightly stuck sparge on our double IPA last night. Other than that, things went smoothly. And if this batch turns out anything like the first batch of double IPA, we will be ecstatic. By the

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07.20.2009 | 0 Comments

For those of you versed in internet lingo, the title of today’s post needs no explanation. For those of you who still think a “keyboard and mouse” is just a good dream for one of the Aristocats, let me break it down for you. Due to a shortage of “the good stuff” (Monday Night beer),

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Monday Night recap: “Eye candy” edition

07.14.2009 | 3 Comments

Sometimes forgetting to do a yeast starter can be a good thing. Last night, for instance. We couldn’t do our regularly scheduled brew so we got to experiment with a hoppy Belgian pale ale which we will add smoked applewood chips to next week. Our OG, for those interested, was 1.049. Some of you might

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A glorious experiment (and yes, we are brewing tonight)

07.13.2009 | 1 Comment

Tonight we will be brewing a hoppy pale ale with a Trappist yeast. We might even throw in some smoked applewood chips for flavor. Come on by around 8pm if you’re ready to witness history in the making. As usual, we will have a few beers available for tasting. And please keep in mind that

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Monday Night recap: Less Joel means less ginger

07.07.2009 | 8 Comments

The rain held off, we had a great crowd, and we brewed a (potentially) great beer. Last night we brewed another Belgian witbier, though we used about 40% less fresh ginger. If Joel had been around we probably would have ended up using more ginger without Jeff’s knowledge, as Joel is what we call a

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Brewing witout Joel

07.06.2009 | 0 Comments

No, that’s not a typo. It’s a pun. You see, we’re brewing another Belgian wit tonight, but Joel will not be in attendance. Wait for it… yeah, you got it. SOLID GOLD. To commemorate Joel’s absence, here is a picture of Joel pretending to be helpful. Just so you know, there is currently a 30%

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Monday Night recap: “It’s not cheating if it’s a barleywine” edition

06.30.2009 | 3 Comments

Last night was what we call “busy.” Of course, our annual barleywine brew session is always a little busier than normal because we don’t normally have a 47 pound grain bill and don’t usually have to worry about crushing cloves and cinnamon sticks and other ingredients best left to potpourri gift baskets. Also we were

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“Bring Your Parent to MNB Day”

06.29.2009 | 0 Comments

If you come to brewing tonight, you might see this guy: This guy is my dad, David, who is driving in from Nashville. You can see that I get my good looks from my mom. Regardless, please make him feel welcome. Like all fathers, he likes light touches on the elbow from complete strangers and

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Monday Night recap: “Multitasking” edition

06.23.2009 | 4 Comments

Despite the fact that it was FATHER’S Day on Sunday, Hannah showed us the true meaning of motherhood on Monday. It is indeed possible to be a great mother and enjoy great beer. At the same time. Provided one does so while holding a Monday Night branded pint glass. In other news, we brewed some

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