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Monday Night

This is how we brew it

06.22.2009 | 0 Comments

But first, a word from Montell Jordan: We are brewing an older version of the Eye Patch Ale tonight to see how it has changed over the 20+ iterations this recipe has gone through. It should be an interesting experiment, and we’re doing everything we can to make sure this beer is exactly the way

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Monday Night canceled!

06.14.2009 | 2 Comments

I know this is hard for you. It’s hard for us too. If blaming someone helps you in your grieving process, feel free to blame Andrew Bird. If you need someone else to blame, try Jeff. And if blaming isn’t how you get down, try going down to Hop City instead. Mention “Monday Night Brewery”

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Monday Night recap: “OMG A PUPPY DOG!!1!11!” edition

06.10.2009 | 5 Comments

In what will surely be the greatest Monday Night recap ever, I will attempt to recount Monday’s brewing events though I was home sick the entire time. For this reason, all those in attendance are invited to post their own thoughts on what transpired Monday. But first, Cody the dog. Are you kidding?! Dogs can’t

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Yes. We. Are. Brewing. Tonight.

06.08.2009 | 3 Comments

And that is all the detail you shall receive. Okay, one more thing: We’re brewing our Peach Belgian Dubbel (name TBD). Ladies, LOOK OUT!

Monday Night recap: “Jonathan didn’t do much” edition

06.02.2009 | 3 Comments

In the interest of full disclosure, I didn’t really do a whole lot last night. I showed up late, milled around and cleaned a couple things. I “pulled a Jeff,” as we say in the industry. So I apologize in advance if this isn’t the most insightful Monday Night recap. I do know that we

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Monday Means Brewing

06.01.2009 | 3 Comments

First, three pieces of good news. One, we’re brewing tonight. Two, next week we will have a full supply of Monday Night beers. Three, DNA tests have confirmed that Jonathan is NOT the father of my son. Ok, you knew it was coming – one bit of bad news. Remember how I said that next

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Memorialize THIS, Mr. Raincloud

05.25.2009 | 0 Comments

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! If you live in the Atlanta area, you’re most likely enjoying the overcast skies and the impending threat of rain. We pay no heed to such things as weather. We will be brewing tonight, rain or shine. What will we be brewing? Jeff has informed us that it will be a

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Monday Night recap: “No one drank the Bud Light Lime” edition

05.19.2009 | 4 Comments

Another successful Monday night, albeit without Monday night beer. We brewed up our Eye Patch Ale with slightly fewer bittering hops and hit our target gravity on the nose. The only potential issue is that we were supposed to repitch our yeast from last week but I accidentally drained it into a non-sanitized non-sanctioned container.

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05.18.2009 | 0 Comments

Unfortunately tonight we’re a little light on the beer at the moment. As in, we don’t have any. We take full responsibility for this and are working frantically to brew for the future. Case in point: tonight we’ll be brewing another [slightly] revised batch of our Eye Patch Ale. And we’ll be drinking whatever you

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A tale that needs telling

05.11.2009 | 2 Comments

This weekend Jeff was at Phipps Mall (I don’t know why… you’ll have to bring that up with him) and noticed a harp player playing “Everything I Do” by the patron saint of Monday Night Brewery, Bryan Adams. A harp player. Bryan. Adams. Why is this significant? It’s not, really. But it’s something you need

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Monday Night recap (Excited hops edition)

03.18.2009 | 2 Comments

Monday was pretty much awesome. Some new folks, some old folks, and just enough rain to keep it interesting. We had some stellar beers on tap, including the Eye Patch Ale and Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale. We also tasted our 1-week-old double IPA. Gravity was down to 1.021 from 1.070 in a week, which is

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