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Monday Night recap: “Eye candy” edition

07.14.2009 | 3 Comments

Sometimes forgetting to do a yeast starter can be a good thing. Last night, for instance. We couldn’t do our regularly scheduled brew so we got to experiment with a hoppy Belgian pale ale which we will add smoked applewood chips to next week. Our OG, for those interested, was 1.049. Some of you might

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Milk Stout, Take 2!

12.02.2008 | 2 Comments

Last night we gave our milk stout a second swing after underpitching the yeast in our batch a couple of weeks ago. It was no walk in the park – the obstacles facing our attempt were numerous and horrific. No oats. Low propane. Frigid cold. Malfunctioning fermentation chamber. And most dire, Joel alone at the

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Monday Update: The Election, Our Lactic Stout, and Jeff’s Recipes

11.18.2008 | 4 Comments

We’re not weird, we swear

10.28.2008 | 9 Comments

We had a good crowd last night as we brewed our second batch of pumpkin ale for the year. Shout-out to Wayne at Cigar City Brewing for some help with the recipe. This time we used less spices, fewer hops and also upped the caramel malts a smidge. We’re hoping for something similar to the

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Brewing a pumpkin ale requires plenty of pumpkin

09.30.2008 | 2 Comments

Actually, it doesn’t. A lot of the perfectly good pumpkin ales you’ll find in stores are brewed with 0 lbs of pumpkin. Much of the flavor comes from the spices, like a pumpkin pie. But in our case, we used 10 lbs of pumpkin for 10 gallons of beer. That’s almost 1 lb per gallon,

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Brewing recap: a lot got done

09.23.2008 | 1 Comment

Despite starting earlier than normal, we actually had a fairly late night last night. Things weren’t quite as smooth since Jeff couldn’t get there till later and Joel was suspiciously “out of town” for work. Methinks not. We had a good turnout and brewed another batch of our popular Eye Patch Ale. We also had

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Brewing tonight: a crazy awesome stout

09.15.2008 | 0 Comments

It’s been awhile since we’ve experimented with new beers. We’ve been concentrating almost exclusively on perfecting our Belgian wit, Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale and Eye Patch Ale. But Jeff is out of town, so Joel and I were given a little bit of a leash this Monday. We’re going to be brewing a hefty oatmeal

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A lesson in economics

01.19.2008 | 3 Comments

Will and Ashley, some good friends of mine, came down from DC this weekend. They hadn’t had any of our beer yet, and the only thing we have bottled at the moment is our Laissez-Faire (“A Capitalist Barleywine”), so we cracked one open. Will just happens to enjoy great beer. In fact, he’s kind of

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Newsflash: We rule

01.15.2008 | 8 Comments

We didn’t realize until recently, but it turns out we are awesome. The breakthrough came Thursday night as we dipped our Laissez-Faire Barleywine in gold wax and put labels on them. Turns out they look GOOD. Almost too good… Our friend actually took a bottle to Brick Store in Decatur and shared it with some

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We experiment with an applewood pale ale

11.27.2007 | 12 Comments

Last night we kegged 25 gallons of beer. 20% of this was an experimental beer ? our Roundhouse Pale Ale with added applewood chips. We’ll have to wait and see what she tastes like when she carbonates, but initial reactions were encouraging. The applewood lends a unique flavor, and could potentially be that “something” that

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Laissez-Faire Barleywine: The Label

11.16.2007 | 4 Comments

We’ve been waffling on a name and label for our barleywine, which has been cellared now for around 4 months. After sampling a few choice bottles over the past few months, we’re confident that this beer is going to kick some serious ass. As such, we need to make sure that the name and label

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Presenting the Headless Horseman Imperial Pumpkin Ale label (v1)

11.01.2007 | 6 Comments

Now accepting comments, suggestions, and high praises. Many many thanks to Dave who provided the name for us. The quote for this bad boy comes from Joseph Smith. Yes, THE Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism: There has been a great difficulty in getting anything into the heads of this generation. It has been like splitting

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Our pumpkin ale needs a name… Make your vote count!

10.07.2007 | 2 Comments

We’ve gotten some good ideas from you guys on names for our pumpkin ale. Trouble is, we’re not sure how to narrow these bad boys down. Help the cause by voting for your favorite. If you don’t think we’ve landed on a name worthy of the illustrious Monday Night title, let us know. If you’d

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We brew our first anniversary pumpkin ale!

10.02.2007 | 8 Comments

When we started brewing beer together last September, the first beer that really jumped out at us was our then-named Farvonpupin Pumpkin Brau. This name will not carry forward into this year, but the pumpkin ale will. In addition to the obvious pumpkin, we also brew with generous doses of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. Essentially,

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Laissez-Faire Barleywine? Yea or Nay?

09.25.2007 | 15 Comments

Many of you are aware of the trouble we’ve had coming up with a suitable name for our barleywine, which will be available come Christmastime. When storing the barleywine, I wrote “Laissez-Faire” on the boxes to signify that people needs to keeps their grubby paws off of our masterpiece. Laissez-Faire represents, of course, the economic

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Hooray beer!

09.19.2007 | 0 Comments

Wow, I was really whiny yesterday. Kind of like the Dashboard Confessional of beer brewing. For this I apologize. Here’s a pic from Monday that Walter sent me: Yes, that is a sink full of foam. We put Walter on Exploding Beer Duty, and he willingly emptied out the rest of our crappy California Common

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Names to ponder

08.29.2007 | 5 Comments

Bottling our barleywine on Monday has got me thinking about names again… And I can’t get away from the hobo motif. Do any of these strike a chord (or trigger a better name?): Bindlestiff Barleywine Glad Rags Barleywine Jungle Buzzard Barleywine Steam Train Steve Barleywine I encourage you to go here or here for inspiration.

The Southern Monk gains a home

08.26.2007 | 2 Comments

We are finally ready to introduce a new label to the world. Presenting… The Southern Monk. Or, another possible option, Mulletproof Monk. Granted, the monk is actually the opposite of mulletproof, but I thought it funny nonetheless. The quote for the Southern Monk label comes from Will Rogers: ?The South is dry and will vote

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Monk with a mullet TAKE THREE!

08.21.2007 | 8 Comments

After two iterations of a monk with a mullet, I’m finally ready to reveal the latest Southern Monk madness. For those not following the saga, we’re looking for a mulleted monk to grace the label for our newest peach Belgian beer. So. Does this look any more like a monk with a mullet? If not,

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Hopefully more like a monk with a mullet and less like a pregnant Billy Ray Cyrus

08.17.2007 | 5 Comments

Thanks for all of the feedback! I’ve done some tweaking based on your comments. For one, I tried to make him NOT about to give birth to an alien hillbilly baby. So is this one better?

Help! Does this look like a monk with a mullet?

08.16.2007 | 11 Comments

We’re busy designing a label for our peach Belgian, the Southern Monk. Turns out it’s hard to make a silhouette of a monk with a mullet. Can you guys tell what this is? And would you be able to tell if the only other thing you had to go on was the name Southern Monk?

Now I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger…

08.14.2007 | 2 Comments

After a lukewarm response to the name “Old Prospector Common Ale,” we thought we’d give it another go. I think this whole gold rush thing has legs, so I’m proposing Gold Digger Common Ale. Maybe a silhouette of an old guy with a cane next to a foxy young lady?