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Choose the beer we brew for Taco Mac

03.05.2014 | 3 Comments

[poll id=”13″] This March, you get a chance to change history. Or at least change the malts and hops we order. We are brewing a limited batch of beer for Taco Mac‘s Beer of the Month program in June: TMac Daddy. The name has been chosen. The beer style has not. We couldn’t agree with

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Monday Night crowdsourced beer naming contest in the final round!

03.22.2012 | 1 Comment

We’re partnering with mustache-lovers Scoutmob to crowdsource the name our next beer, a Belgian wit brewed with a hint of ginger. With over 100 name entries from you guys, it was tough narrowing it down to our favorites. But after a few beers, we were able to struggle through it. The finalists? Fu Manbrew (submitted

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Vehicle wrap: Round 2

01.03.2012 | 12 Comments

Alright folks, we heard you. “Make the logo bigger.” It’s every brand’s dream to have feedback from their consumers saying “Make the logo bigger,” so we’re not complaining. Since we’re still in startup mode, this vehicle wrap is a relatively large investment for us, so we want to make sure to get it right. We’re

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Help us by taking a quick beer survey!

11.10.2011 | 3 Comments

Update: The survey is now closed. Thanks! Hey folks, we need your help taking (and sharing) this 5 minute survey. Anyone who enters will have the option of entering into a drawing for one of the free t-shirts we are going to give out, as our way of saying thanks. Feel free to share it

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What should Monday Nights look like?

06.29.2011 | 6 Comments

We need your help. We’ve entered the phase where we will be transitioning Monday Night events away from a random garage on the west side of town to bars and restaurants serving Monday Night beers, all over the Atlanta area (and eventually Georgia). This will allow us to meet more people in different parts of

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Which bottle cap do you prefer?

05.18.2010 | 14 Comments

Quick poll! We need your input. We’re about to order bottle caps. So which bottle cap says “Monday Night” and “Buy me”? Vote via the poll and leave any comments in the Comments section. I don’t think I needed to explain that. But I did. [poll id=”9″]

Poll question: Trying new beers

11.05.2009 | 14 Comments

Help us figure this one out. We argue about it constantly. When you try a new beer, what is the impetus behind it? Where do you get your “OMG I HAVE TO TRY THIS BEER” info? Please vote and send your friends (and enemies) here to vote as well! You can only select one answer,

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Monday Night Recap: “Not as funny since Jonathan is not writing it” edition

09.29.2009 | 3 Comments

Black caps or white caps?

06.18.2009 | 36 Comments

Jeff, Joel and I cannot agree on whether we should use black caps or white caps. And so, we bring our proverbial baby to you, the proverbial King Solomon, to decide for us. Either way, we will probably be imprinting a tie on each cap. Take a look at the pictures. Vote below. And know

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Should we outsource Joel?

01.02.2009 | 5 Comments

Jeff and I were discussing a little dilemma we’ve been having lately. Joel has been getting sick far too frequently. And his sniffles always coincide with Mondays, which leaves Jeff and I running around like madmen trying to get the brewing accomplished. It’s not like Joel isn’t doing anything. He’ll send an email every now

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Forget the beer, what about the NAME?

06.11.2008 | 7 Comments

We’re nearing closer to the time when we’ll have to decide on a definitive “launch beer,” since realistically we won’t be able to start with 5 different brews and a slew of rotating seasonals. With this in mind, we want to know which names are strongest. If you know our beer at all, forget the

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One beer. One vote.

02.08.2008 | 10 Comments

We’ve started debating the question which has no answer: If we have to pick one beer to go to market with initially, which beer should it be? There are many factors at play here, including what micros are currently widely available (Sweetwater’s 420), what Georgia has a taste for, and what name/label is most likely

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