10.31.2008 | 2 Comments

Happy Halloween, beer lovers. Instead of actually writing something original, I encourage you to visit Pfiff! who is hosting Fermentation Friday (thanks Beer Bits 2!) this month. The topic? Homebrew horror stories. You should see ours in the yet-to-be posted recap.

Better mouthfeel, better beer

10.23.2008 | 4 Comments

So I’ll come right out and say it. I just got my braces off. Excuse the rabid hillbilly smile in the picture. Turns out it’s hard to both show all of your teeth AND not look crazy: What does this event mean for the future of Monday Night Brewery? The benefits are two-fold: I’ve obviously

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The most disgusting mustache in the world

10.01.2008 | 0 Comments

Better late than never. Jeff, who was noticeably absent when I actually needed his mustache, grew a mustache for me now that my ulcers are pretty much healed. First, a brief update: For those who didn’t know, I was pretty sick for a couple months this summer. Turns out it was ulcers. We started a

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Kid Rock has a new beer. Is there room for Bryan Adams up there?

09.24.2008 | 7 Comments

Lew Bryson posted a great little article about Kid Rock’s new beer. Wait, what? Yes, Kid Rock, the king of class, now has his own beer brand, which has been billed as a “premium domestic beer.” From Bryson’s analysis (his analysis in parentheses): Kenny said, “Drinks will come to market rapidly with Kid Rock’s beer.

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Joel’s new digs on the Westside

08.29.2008 | 1 Comment

At long last, Joel has joined Jeff and me on Atlanta’s Westside, where we plan to open our brewery. Joel lives just a stone’s throw from Jeff’s with his lovely wife, Mary Stuart. Jeff and Hannah invited me over for dinner last night (how it pays to be the pathetic single male friend, sometimes). It

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Underage drinkers

07.31.2008 | 5 Comments

In the spirit of the Despair Demotivational posters, everyone is now creating their own nugget of truth. Most aren’t funny. This one is. And unfortunately I couldn’t find a source. If you created it, let me know. Click for a larger image.

I like it up here

07.27.2008 | 2 Comments

Lazy Sunday afternoon stroll at my parents’ cabin in Monteagle, TN. Jealous much?

Mustaches are sprouting up on upper lips everywhere

07.25.2008 | 4 Comments

Mustaches for Ulcers is making headway. It’s my dream to have a sponsor for all 8 of my ulcers by next week. Here’s what we’ve got so far. First, apparently there are other “legitimate” charities doing something similar with mustaches. Prostate cancer is arguably more of a threat than ulcers. But still. Here are the

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More mustaches, more brewing

07.21.2008 | 2 Comments

Though no one has yet jumped up to the plate and grown a mustache to heal an ulcer (All we need is 8 or so mustaches, people, let’s DO THIS), the Mustaches for Ulcers movement has been gaining traction. Here are the ground rules: We only need 7 more volunteers Existing mustaches will be accepted,

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Mustaches for Ulcers (a health update)

07.18.2008 | 13 Comments

I’ve been sick. No bones about it. Finally, after long last, the doctors have figured out what’s wrong. Ulcers in my stomach! Now that we know what the problem is, I’m doing all I can to get better and back to brewing. A large part of this effort has been spent investing in my new

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Charlie Papazian and the idols of brewing

07.15.2008 | 2 Comments

Yes, that’s exactly what it looks like. Charlie Papazian, the Godfather of Homebrewing, has accepted my Facebook friend request. As a homebrewer, there are few people (okay no people) I idolize more than Mr. Papazian. He wrote the first edition of The Complete Joy of Homebrewing back in 1984. I was 1 year old. What

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“Beer is evidence that nature wants us to be”

07.11.2008 | 1 Comment

Thus writes George F. Will in yesterday’s Washington Post (thanks to Jeff Dutson for the tip). The article, “Survival of the Sudsiest,” is most definitely worth a read. In it Will asserts the role that beer has played in shaping our society. Fermenting Revolution also does a good job explaining beer’s social roots. Namely, beer.

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Happy “America Rules” Day!

07.04.2008 | 1 Comment

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Fourth of July. Don’t do anything stupid to give beer drinkers a bad name. On an unrelated note, I apologize for the lack of blogging lately. Until the doctors figure what’s going on and/or I get better spontaneously, I’m afraid it may continue. But rest assured, we’ll

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They get me. They REALLY get me!

06.27.2008 | 1 Comment

I got a couple ‘get better soon’ gifts from the folks at work this week. Among them, a 1000 piece puzzle of beers around the world. There are only a few beers in the puzzle that I’ve 1) had, and more importantly 2) enjoyed. Among them Hoegaarden, Liberty Ale and Duvel. But it’s the thought

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Stool Boom

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Last night, setting a world record, and why we miss Jonathan…

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That’s just bad politics

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Coolest groomsman present ever

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things that suck

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A note from a fan of that Bobo Bush

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Joel’s “Beard of Sanitation”

05.27.2008 | 3 Comments

The things Joel does instead of helping me

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