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What should Monday Nights look like?

06.29.2011 | 6 Comments

We need your help. We’ve entered the phase where we will be transitioning Monday Night events away from a random garage on the west side of town to bars and restaurants serving Monday Night beers, all over the Atlanta area (and eventually Georgia). This will allow us to meet more people in different parts of

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Big news coming soon…

04.08.2011 | 0 Comments

…and we’re going to break it via our newsletter. So if you want to be the first on your block to know, best sign up, foolz. join our mailing list * indicates required Email Address * You may be thinking to yourself, “But I think I already am signed up. And I haven’t gotten a

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Support for Monday Night from Sweden

08.25.2010 | 0 Comments

Tova and Ida (from Sweden) sent us the following note: We found IsItMondayNow.com and we LOVE it! Originally our favorite website was erdetfredag.dk (“Is it Friday” in Danish. And yes, we are trilingual). So we started promoting that web page at work, and now all 50 of us check it daily. So our next mission

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MNB interviewed on branding a brewery by The Business of Beer

12.31.2009 | 0 Comments

John over at The Business of Beer sat down with us as part of his new The Startup Dialogues series. We talked about building a name, logo, and packaging for a new brewery. Check it out. Leave a comment. Heckle the locals.

MNB American Apparel shirts arriving soon! Only $10!

12.09.2009 | 9 Comments

Yes folks, that’s right. We’ve got schwag. They will look similar to this, except they will be made of high quality American Apparel fabrics instead of computer screens. We will be selling them at Monday Night events, so go to the ATM now and grab some cash. $10 gets you the first production MNB shirt.

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Creative Loafing gets their act together

07.28.2009 | 4 Comments

Yesterday we were featured on Creative Loafing’s website in an excellent article written by Jeff Holland, with special photographic guest, Matt Altmix. That’s right, we’re big time. I encourage you to read the article in full, as it is a great example of how journalism works. You will notice that the number of quotes attributed

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Beer Connoisseur launches and Monday Night gets a piece of the pie

07.01.2009 | 5 Comments

A new beer magazine, Beer Connoisseur, launched their online site last week (a print version will be following soon). Why is this important? Because we are officially blogging for them on how to start a brewery under the title, “From Our House to the Brewhouse.” Sign up for a free account if you want to

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Beer Tap TV names Monday Night Brewery “beer blog of the week”

05.21.2009 | 7 Comments

I don’t know what they’re smoking drinking, but Beer Tap TV named Monday Night Brewery the beer blog of the week. Hey, we’ll take it. I queued up the video of the show to the part where they start talking about us (around 31:30 in, if you’re curious). There is also a dog that runs

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It’s Business Time

05.17.2008 | 1 Comment

2x the months, 2x the pint glass winners

09.05.2007 | 0 Comments

August slipped by without a monthly pint glass winner, but we plan on picking up the slack this month. I would like to formally congratulate August’s winner, Tom of Bearbrook. He lives near Nashville, my hometown, which automatically makes him cool. Not to be outdone, Eric of Cure For What Ales You and Evolvor was

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This month’s pint glass winner: some “Mike” guy

07.20.2007 | 0 Comments

Congrats to Mike from St. Louis for having the wherewithal to have his name chosen at random! He has already stepped up to claim his prize, but there’s still plenty of time to sign up for next month’s chance to win two fully functional Monday Night Brewery pint glasses. We’re glad Mike won because he

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MNB reaches out to bikers

07.05.2007 | 3 Comments

My father is a motorcycle enthusiast. Not Harleys, so don’t worry. More like BMW off-road bikes. He also does a bit of track work (that’s him on the left). That said, he asked us to create a custom brew for an annual motorcycle event held in North Carolina. Needless to say, we decided to do

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The Dogfish Head of the South

06.22.2007 | 0 Comments

Whilst washing about 200 bottles last Saturday, Jeff, Joel and I participated in another segment of what has been an ongoing MNB discussion: what kind of brewery should we be? We’re early enough in the brewery creation stages that we can still shift gears fairly easily. And this is something we will continue to wrestle

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“I don’t want no trub, a trub is a guy don’t get no love from me”

06.20.2007 | 4 Comments

…unless that trub happens to be Trub Wortwurst, in which case trub is a guy who gets TONS of love from me. Why? Because “Trub” AKA Robert has won our monthly pint glass drawing. It’s actually less of a drawing and more of a “ask a co-worker to pick a number between 1 and 63.”

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Save Georgia’s m crobrewery!

06.14.2007 | 1 Comment

I have gotten multiple emails today calling for action against an initiative being voted on in the Georgia Department of Revenue. In a nutshell, there is a chance that microbrewery tours in Georgia could become severely restricted in the amount of beer each person can sample. The cap would be 2 oz per beer, with

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Three cheers for beer wives!

05.28.2007 | 1 Comment

I was reading a post on brewvana and was reminded yet again of the blessings that the wives of MNB have showered upon us. Of course, this is coming from the one MNB member sans wife. Joel‘s wife Mary Stuart has been nothing short of an angel letting us turn her home into a brewery

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Who knew that Brooklyn had something to offer us

04.26.2007 | 4 Comments

The MNB gang has been circulating beer books for awhile as a form of general knowledge building. Beer School (Hindy/Potter) has recently been passed on to m by our pal Joel. This book chronicles the rise of the Brooklyn Brewery. While I’m not necessarily sold on Brooklyn’s beer (their chocolate stout tastes like pure alcohol),

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Win those free pint glasses!

04.25.2007 | 3 Comments

Ever since we’ve announced a monthly drawing for our Monday Night Brewery pint glasses (see pic) for mailing list subscribers, wouldn’t you know it, we’ve had an influx of subscriptions! It’s almost like you guys don’t really care about us… you just want our glasses. Oh wait. It’s exactly like that. Nonetheless, we will still

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Cat fight!

04.20.2007 | 4 Comments

When four men enter into a business agreement, there is bound to be conflict. We at Monday Night Brewery have just emerged from the first of what I’m sure will be many spats. I won. The brawl was essentially about our current focus, and whether or not we should be shifting even more resources towards

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Free Monday Night Brewery pint glasses!

04.14.2007 | 10 Comments

Seeing as Joel is now the proud father of a plethora of MNB pint glasses, we thought it about time to start giving some of these bad boys away. Every month, starting in the beginning of May, we will be giving two pint glasses away to someone on our mailing list. So for those of

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