Our Next Logical Steps

04.13.2007 | 9 Comments

Sanitation, Sanitation, Sanitation

04.08.2007 | 1 Comment

Ok, beer gods. We’ve learned our lesson. After 5 months of consistent results, we’ve been put in our place with a gusher batch and a sour batch. Last Monday, the sanitation police were out in full force, and we’re hoping that our recent purchases of some new glass carboys and very aggressive cleaning will spare

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The Gusher Bug

04.01.2007 | 2 Comments

Lord save us all. When I opened up the latest batch of Roundhouse Pale Ale, the thing let loose like a geyser, probably shooting beer a good six inches above the top of the bottle. If I’m processing through everything I’ve read correctly, we’ve caught a gusher bug, which is essentially an aggressive wild yeast

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03.22.2007 | 0 Comments

Last night I returned to my asian upbringings and had a great Japanese beer. It was the Hitachino White Ale, a Belgian white Japanese Ale from Kiuchi Brewery. An ingenious combination!! In all honesty it was fruity but very tasty and I love the label which is totally Japanese (they describe it as their “unique

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The Dogfish Head I.B.A.

03.21.2007 | 3 Comments

So I went to the Brick Store twice last week, and something very strange happened to me – I had the same beer twice in a row. That’s saying a lot for a pub that has 8 Belgian beers on draught, over 120 Belgian and Belgian style bottles, and 80 other top-shelf European and American

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Bear with us

03.20.2007 | 1 Comment

We have recently switched from Blogger to WordPress (yay WordPress!), but I’m fairly certain we don’t have all of the bugs worked out yet. So… for the next couple weeks, if anything is broken (and we can’t change Joel’s face; we’ve tried), please shoot us an email or comment to let us know. We’ll try

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Asheville inflates our already monstrous egos

03.17.2007 | 0 Comments

If our trip to Asheville taught us anything, it was that our dream of a microbrewery isn’t as far away as previously assumed. Asheville’s Highland Brewery (pictured left), the most reputable of the 3 breweries we toured, used the same hops, yeast and grain as we did ? down to the brands. You can see

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Lagers Coming Soon

03.14.2007 | 1 Comment

To date, we at Monday Night Brewery have stuck to ales. Partly because we like ales. And partly because Joel’s house is always at about 68 degrees, which is a great temperature to ferment ales. But a time is soon coming when our temperature control skills will be greatly enhanced. We are investing in a

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Meanwhile, in the real world

03.10.2007 | 0 Comments

In my other life as a brand strategy consultant, I get far fewer opportunities to flex my brewing muscle (it’s the muscle right below the dorsimus lubulis). Yesterday was different. Not only did I bring a six-pack of the WeissGuy Hefeweizen into work (half of which got devoured tepid thanks to my alcoholic co-workers), but

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The Polls

03.09.2007 | 1 Comment

MNB readers, how much has Joel been paying you to vote for him as “favorite brewmaster” on the “About” page? Let’s just remember that Joel is the only person who has tried the Christmas Ale without breaking into a cold sweat and fever for a week. (Check out the description of the Christmas Ale on

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Brews Cruise!

03.07.2007 | 0 Comments

The stage has been set. This weekend a bunch of us will be trekking up to Ashville, NC to partake in the “Brews Cruise.” I’m not exactly sure what all this entails, but I do know that it involves 3 brewery tours and samples at each brewery. I also know that the Brews Cruise staff

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Monday Night Belikin

03.06.2007 | 0 Comments

This is a sad Monday evening as I’m not at home in Atlanta for Monday Night Brewing. Yes, the long monday evenings spent washing out buckets, sanitizing bottles, and enjoying good company as we crank out a new batch are quite fun. But don’t feel too sorry for me. I’m not on a business trip

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Regression analysis a la Bud Light

03.05.2007 | 0 Comments

This weekend I went out for a nice Mexican dinner with roommate. To clarify, he’s not physically my ROOMmate, but he does have a room in the same house. Also the dinner wasn’t “nice” per se, but “cheap.” Not only did Scott see a Dos Equis poster on the wall and pronounce it “Dos Eeekis,”

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A good email

03.03.2007 | 0 Comments

Imagine getting this email at work: “Guys, Just got word that I’m getting about 16 kegs…most likely for free from Mary Stuart’s uncle! I’ll have them in about 2 weeks….I say we go to 20 gal batches….Peter, find us a bigger pot. If any of you guys (peter) make it up to the brew store

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Mmm…Skunky Porter…

02.27.2007 | 3 Comments

So tonight I popped open a Fat Monk Porter – not my favorite of MNB’s creations, but a noble beer nonetheless. To my deep dismay, I tasted a faint skunky flavor, not completely overwhelming, but substantial enough for me to pour the remainder down the sink. Ok, clearly it was pretty overwhelming. So here’s my

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Death averted

02.27.2007 | 1 Comment

After 6 days of fever and general sickness, the antibiotics are finally starting to kick in. Sorry for the lapse posting. I know, bush league blogging. As I sip my tea and take my naps, I leave you with this: “The church is near, but the road is icy. The bar is far away, but

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Book Learnin’ the MNB Way

02.22.2007 | 2 Comments

Keith from Kansas City dropped us a note recently asking about good brewing books for those just getting starting or getting back into the beautiful art of homebrewing. I figured this is good info for all our loyal readers, so a couple must reads for any aspiring homebrewer: 1. ?How to Brew? by John Palmer.

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A Quite Nice Weiss

02.21.2007 | 6 Comments

I’m not sure if it’s bad luck to prematurely say that a beer is a success but I must say I think our WeissGuy is gonna be a winner. On Monday a few of us took swigs of the uncarbonated, warm, weiss guy and it was actually good. The last time I tasted one of

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Wortface killa

02.21.2007 | 2 Comments

I’ve been meaning to post this picture for a long time, but I’ve been, like, sooooo busy. This, ladies and gentlemen, is our brewmaster, Jeff. Some people think that brewmasters have to be meticulous and have a keen eye for detail, but Jeff is out to prove those naysayers wrong. Yes, even experienced brewmasters can

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Oh my goodness

02.18.2007 | 0 Comments

This guy is SOOOO cute. Check him out. Also, check him out here.

Boscos ? Nashville’s overly confident brewpub

02.18.2007 | 1 Comment

Figure A. Max Douglass downing a German something-or-other at Boscos in Nashville. I didn’t really pay attention to his beer because it tasted… non-exceptional. The roads were actually icy as Max and I ventured out to test Nashville’s craft brewing scene. Boscos generally has a bunch of “seasonal” beers on tap, which means there’s always

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Samuel Smith drops out of my speed dial

02.12.2007 | 0 Comments

My worldview has been shattered by the Brits. Brick Store pub in Decatur introduced me to Mr. Samuel Smith’s Imperial Stout in college. It quickly became one of my favorite beers ? moving to #3 on my speed dial list in 2 short years. Little did I know… I got nostalgic last night and cracked

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