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There’s more than one way to drench a Joel

03.06.2008 | 0 Comments

Ah, conical fermenters. Ever since we bit the bullet and bought 2 stainless steel conical fermenters from Blichmann about a month ago, we’ve spent probably 30 minutes of every day staring at their shiny surfaces. I’ve actually given up looking for a wife and have settled for Gertrude, Stainless Steel Conical #2. When it came

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Donut learns some manners

01.26.2008 | 3 Comments

Okay, not beer-related. But check out Donut’s new trick. She’s ready for a formal dinner!

Gravity reigns in our sparging setup

12.12.2007 | 7 Comments

A haiku dedicated to Isaac Newton: Sir Isaac Newton You invented gravity So that we could brew Hopefully we’ll be getting a pump soon, but until then, we rely on gravity. At least we have a rotating sparge arm, unlike the lame stationary setup that Travis made. Those New Yorkers can’t do anything right…

Pure oxygen (and better beers?)

12.05.2007 | 1 Comment

Monday night marked the first opportunity for us to try our Oxynator, a pure oxygen system to aerate the wort (in lieu of shaking, which can get pretty graphic). Besides the ability to avoid humping your carboys, theoretically this should give us better attenuation (conversion of the sugars from the grains into CO2 and alcohol),

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This is how we aerate

11.02.2007 | 4 Comments

The “shake vigorously” method is well known to most homebrewers. Unfortunately, homebrewers comprise the minority in society. Society finds ways to make fun of us, even if it is because we “make love” to carboys full of brew. Whatever.

Out-ninja’d by the big boys?

08.09.2007 | 0 Comments

Many of you have heard of our Roundhouse Pale Ale, our humble homage to all of the great American ninjas. You may not yet have heard of “Guinness” or “Harp,” but these “Irish” brews are now infiltrating our culture, and even threatening the same ninjas that define us. Thanks to The Barley Blog for the

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Our newest ale needs a name… perhaps the Ole Prospector?

08.07.2007 | 3 Comments

We brewed a California Common Ale last week and have been scratching our heads trying to come up with a name. We’ve got a few potentials, but definitely want some feedback before committing. The front-runner right now is Ole Prospector, followed by The Commoner. Ole Prospector, obviously, is a derivative of the California gold rush.

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This is how we brew it

06.26.2007 | 0 Comments

Last night we made another 10 gallon batch of our world-famous Swashchuckler IPA. If you’re curious to see how our brewing process works, take a gander at the following video. This is how we “sparge,” soaking the grains with hot water to extract the fermentable sugars before boiling them in that big stainless steel pot.

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Joel eradicates beer from the world

06.13.2007 | 2 Comments

Remember that time when we had that sanitation problem with our beer? Yeah, that was fun. Joel found himself dealing with the remnants of said problem on Monday. Take a look at the video and you’ll know why we had to pour it out. It was either that or serve it to our enemies… revenge

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Bryan Adams helps us brew better beer

06.06.2007 | 0 Comments

It’s true. We listen to his greatest hits album every week (The Best of Me). Unfortunately even Bryan Adams couldn’t save us from a stuck sparge. Watch this video to see more… Also, Peter totally hits on me. And Jeff goes to town on that hose. WARNING: It’s boring, but only 45 seconds long. Don’t

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