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New digs

08.07.2011 | 5 Comments

As you might have noticed, we’ve decided to update our website to coincide with our launch. There are a few things we’ve been wanting to highlight, such as events we’ll be participating in and where you can find our beer in and around Atlanta. We’ll do our best to keep these parts of the site

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Ever heard of Facebook?

07.07.2011 | 4 Comments

Apparently we hadn’t. Until yesterday. We’ll be interacting more on Facebook in coming months, after creating our very own account yesterday. If you’re into poking and thumbs upping and Farmville, check us out! But seriously, we need 25 fans to get a vanity URL. And we want a vanity URL like it’s our job. UPDATE:

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Buy stuff from us on the internet

12.01.2010 | 1 Comment

Astute readers will notice a small change to our navigation bar. Something we have titled “Store.” If you click on it, you’ll see this: And in this store is where you will be able to purchase pretty much the most Monday-riffic t-shirts and pint glasses at ridiculously low prices. $10 for the highest quality American

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Last chance* to sign up for our newsletter!

11.06.2010 | 0 Comments

We send our monthly newsletter out about twice per year. Yeah, let that sink in. It’s not that we forget, it’s more like we get off by being withholding. But we’re feeling generous, so we thought we’d let you in on a little secret. Another newsletter is in the works. And if you’d like to

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Monday Night captures the hard-to-reach “Idiot” demographic

05.11.2010 | 1 Comment

Switching from Monday Night Brewery to Monday Night Brewing

01.07.2010 | 4 Comments

Over the next couple weeks we will be switching our domain from MondayNightBrewery.com to MondayNightBrewing.com. Please be advised, in case any super scary technical stuff happens to your internets. We will also be changing conspicuous things that say “Brewery” to “Brewing,” such as our logo. You are not going crazy, we are simply keeping everything

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We built a new website to distract everyone from the fact that we are canceling brewing tonight

04.06.2009 | 8 Comments

First, to get it out of the way, there is no brewing tonight for the following reasons: The NCAA finals It’s supposed to be 31 degrees tonight Joel doesn’t want to get his new shoes dirty Second, we’ve [finally] got a new website. We make no guarantees that this one won’t change, we’re simply trying

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Our contact form hasn’t worked in months. Oops.

03.06.2009 | 1 Comment

We realized this week that we haven’t gotten any emails from our contact form in literally months. Which is odd, if you really think about it, but I guess not odd enough to invite an investigation. So, if you sent us ANYTHING in the last 3-4 months and we didn’t respond to you, it’s probably

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Teaching our “About” page how to ride a bike

11.30.2008 | 1 Comment

It’s time we grew up a little. We’ve been developing Monday Night Brewery for over two years now, and yet we were still content with the same About page from 2006. This simply cannot stand. We’ve taken a stab at revising it. That’s not to say it won’t change again. Joel unfortunately has the admin

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MNB makes for some sorely disappointed Googlers

11.14.2008 | 5 Comments

I try to keep my eye on where our millions and millions of visitors come from each day. Yesterday we got a fair amount of Google traffic (read “a few clicks”) from the phrase “Craft Beer Marketing Strategy.” Interested, I went to investigate. Here’s what I found (click for larger view): The good news? We’re

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MNB is Moving

10.10.2008 | 1 Comment

Get a text alert about brewing every Monday

09.10.2008 | 2 Comments

We get a lot of emails every Sunday or Monday asking if we’re brewing that Monday. The answer is usually “Most definitely!” but there have been a few (sad) times when we’ve had to cancel. But wouldn’t it be great to know ahead of time, without having to email? To keep you guys informed, we’re

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Stop all that jibber-jabber

08.13.2008 | 10 Comments

UPDATE: Screw it. Experiment over. If it ain’t broke, don’t try to explain it to Jeff. That’s my motto. You may have noticed that all of the comments have disappeared. This is true. We’re experimenting with a new comment system, Disqus, that theoretically allows us more customization and control over the comments. Unfortunately we (I)

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RSS and beer

07.22.2008 | 7 Comments

Beer blog aggregators are great. It used to be there was only one good option: Really Simple Beer Syndication. The most comprehensive beer blog resource I’ve run across. Unfortunately, it’s not all that customizable, and it seems like any ol’ beer blog can make the cut. Now there’s a new option. AllTop has a new

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MNB goes mobile

07.16.2008 | 4 Comments

First off, no, we did not lock up MondayNightBrewery.mobi. We’re not cool enough to rock that .mobi yet. BUT, we do have a mobile site up, so whether you’re cruising from an iPhone or a BlackBerry, bookmark this site immediately: https://m.mondaynightbrewing.com/ See that? We made a subdomain. It’s the letter ‘m,’ and it goes before

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Health update

06.18.2008 | 7 Comments

Salmonella time-out

06.03.2008 | 9 Comments

I’ve got what the doctors call “salmonella poisoning.” Apparently it’s a real issue and my raw chicken milkshake was a bad idea. Our blog will most likely be on hold until I get this taken care of. Wish me luck.

Blogging it Out

04.17.2008 | 3 Comments

A new way to follow our progress. It’s called “email” and it’s going to catch on.

03.21.2008 | 2 Comments

If you’re anything like Jeff, you’re not too sure how this whole internet thing works. Any talk of RSS feeds just makes you hungry. And if you’re anything like a human being, you’re interested in what we’re doing. In fact, you’d like to have every post emailed to you. Never fear, we’ve got a solution

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The business of blogging, part II

02.07.2008 | 3 Comments

I just got out of the New Business Summit in Nashville, TN, in which I spoke to (and with) a bunch of crazy marketing people about the why’s and how’s of blogging as a business. I say crazy because there was a banking seminar next door, and we definitely rocked the house. If I’ve learned

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The proverbial “business blog”

02.06.2008 | 3 Comments

Blogs. So hot right now. Blogs. Joel and I both work in marketing, so we’re pretty close to the internet marketing world, for better or worse. The past few years there’s been a huge push in digital marketing ? from corporate blogs to 2nd Life to MySpace. In general I think this has been “for

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Updated newsflash: We do NOT rule

01.18.2008 | 3 Comments

I think we spoke too soon. While piddling around on the blog a few nights ago, I somehow managed to crap all over it. Literally. The site has been down for 2-3 days. Thanks to some fancy footwork from Moshu and the WordPress support forums, it appears that we’ve finally got it back up and

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