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Coming soon. New beers, new packaging, new look.

With the opening of our 2nd production facility this fall, we decided it was time we took a look at our entire portfolio to see how the beers coming out of the Garage will fit in. After weighing many different options, we have some pretty exciting changes to announce, including two new core beers, a complete overhaul of our packaging, and a bold new look. These new beers (and new cans) should start rolling out in late September!

New Beers

Two new beers will round out an already solid core lineup. We have never released a pale ale, so it took us awhile to brew one worthy of the Monday Night name. Han Brolo is that pale ale. It is hazy and crushable, brewed with tons of wheat malt and Simcoe, Mosaic, and Mandarina Bavaria hops to give it a nice, juicy bite.

And for our next trick… Dr. Robot. Dr. Robot is a blackberry lemon sour, brewed on a pilsner base and then soured. This is one tart, refreshing beer, and the blackberry and lemon additions add complexity and flavor. These two beers will take the spots of Eye Patch Ale and Nerd Alert.

New Packaging

We’re moving all core beers, seasonal beers, and Black Tie beers to 12oz cans. Core and seasonal offerings will be in 6-packs. Black Tie beers, such as Bourbon Barrel Drafty Kilt, will come in 4-packs. Boom. You’re welcome.

New Look

We have had the same packaging for almost 6 years now, and while it has served us well, it hasn’t been as versatile as we’d like, given the current craft beer environment. After an extensive design process involving hundreds of designs, consumer testing, and a bunch of whining, we’ve landed on something we’re amped up about.

The new packaging will accentuate the necktie, which has always been a core part of who we are. The necktie symbolizes our journey from white collar to blue collar, where we realized it’s more important to love what you do than to be paid well for something you don’t enjoy. We will also use a predominantly white background with bold colors and patterns to distinguish individual beers. This new direction keeps our core identity, but allows us to be a bit more free and playful with new designs and beers moving forward.

We can’t wait to get these new cans into your grubby, beer-loving hands.

9 thoughts on “Coming soon. New beers, new packaging, new look.

  1. Wow, Not happy about this change and doing away with Eye Patch Ale which is my favorite in the bottle. I believe you guys may have made a HUGE mistake by going to cans only. May be time to move on to Bells Two Hearted. in Bottles.

  2. I like the overall concept but I have a few branding concerns with these.

    Will consumers think the brewery name is “Dr. Robot,” (for example) because Monday Night is not very prominent? The neck of a can is not a very large space for branding and it also tapers. This will distort the logo.
    Although I assume those are ties, they look like fish.

  3. Monday Night was the first place I tried any special release of beer. I thought I’d hate spicy and savory flavors in my beer, but you guys got me interested in another level of beer drinking. Super excited for all the new changes rolling out. Cheers!

  4. Monday Night the 99% of folks are going to love the switch to cans! IMO these cans are way better packaging (art and practicability). Excited to try the two new line ups too! Don’t let the haters sling shade
    Walt maybe before jumping ship so quickly, you could give the new pale a try? Could be a new fav;)

  5. I’m sad to see eye patch go but I’m excited to see the new beers and I will enjoy them. In cans.

  6. Dig the cans, Now I can take your beers to the pool/beach and recycle them at home. After last summer when our recycling company stopped taking glass at the curb I reduced the bottled beers in my home bar rotation down to my must haves mostly.

  7. Same here. Sucks that no one can afford to recycle glass so I welcome the cans. Pour one out for Nerd Alert, it bothers me to lose traditional styles for fruit beers but y’all have to do what you need to do to make that money I guess.

  8. Looking forward to the new beers especially the lemon-blueberry and hazy renditions! Love the designs. The ties with pictures inside relating to the beer is an awesome concept. Don’t pick up MNB enough, but this definitely as sparked a new interest so job well done on that aspect!

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