Congratulations to Mary, October’s pint glass winner!


Oh Mary… What have you done to deserve this wonderful gift? You’re from Jacksonville. You travel for work. Your boyfriend has a pint glass collection. Are those enough reasons for you? Or, if not, perhaps the fact that we randomly chose your name from our mailing list?

For those of you bursting with jealousy, you too can win pint glasses for doing absolutely nothing! ‘Tis the way we at MNB teach the world to accept grace. We know you don’t deserve these pint glasses. That’s precisely why we give them out. Stay tuned for November’s undeserving winner.

(Did we just blow your mind?)

One thought on “Congratulations to Mary, October’s pint glass winner!

  1. So I was in Jamaica last week and while I was there on one of our tours I saw your Mecca; One of Brian Adam’s get away homes in Ochoa Rios. I thought about you guys while I was sipping on a Red Stripe.

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