Creative Loafing gets their act together



Yesterday we were featured on Creative Loafing’s website in an excellent article written by Jeff Holland, with special photographic guest, Matt Altmix. That’s right, we’re big time. I encourage you to read the article in full, as it is a great example of how journalism works. You will notice that the number of quotes attributed to a specific person is in direct relation to that person’s sexiness. I, of course, come in at the top of the list. Jeff also has a quote in there, as he is not a bad-looking individual.

And Joel has… let me double-check this… zero quotes. Looks like a certain someone hit every branch of the ugly tree after a certain sexier someone knocked him out of the tree with a well-placed rock.

4 thoughts on “Creative Loafing gets their act together

  1. Wow, I wonder why Joel doesn’t have any quotes? Maybe because he was ACTUALLY WORKING ON THE BREWING on that monday evening as opposed to Jonathan (who spends his time talking about ephemeral marketing concepts) or Jeff (who shows off his fancy spreadsheets and talks about the fermentation chamber WE built…).

    Yes, while the two of you were enjoying the limelight of having the press there I was holding down the fort. Next time the press shows up I’ll remember to drop everything I’m doing so that I can get quoted in the article. Brewing beer is not actually what we’re trying to accomplish on Monday’s anyway.

  2. So what you’re saying is that Joel’s not in the ugly tree anymore? And you knocked him down because you were jealous of his seat?

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