Crunching the Numbers


One of the biggest objectives of Saturday’s Brewhaha was to collect some solid data on how our beers and brand are perceived by our future customers. Mission accomplished – we received nearly 400 comment cards, including about 100 for each of the three beers we served. We also asked about beer consumption and preferences.


Here were a few highlights:

  • Overall, the average rating for all three beers was about an 8. Not too shabby.
  • As expected, lighter and more infrequent beer drinkers generally preferred the Hefeweizen.
  • The IPA was the favorite of people who drink more beer.

We still have yet to debrief on what it means for our recipes, but initially it seems like we won’t have to make any monumental changes to any of these recipes. Our focus will be making the tweaks to get from an “8” to a “10.”

4 thoughts on “Crunching the Numbers

  1. You guys must not have added my ratings into your “8” average. Are those comment cards regulation size or what?!

  2. That’s a pretty dirty looking stainless steel fermenter there. If you guys don’t want them anymore, let me know. I would totally pay the shipping costs to send them up here.

    Also, congrats on the party. It looked fun. If it hadn’t been my anniversery, I might have shown up.

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