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Danger: busy Saturday approaching


caskerator.JPGTomorrow is arts-and-crafts day at Jeff’s house! Joel will be building out a fermentation chamber for our new conical fermenters. The chamber will involve an insulated box that ducts cold air from our freezer, similar to the one built here by the Duo Team.

And while Joel is doing his best to not kill himself, I will be transplanting the rest of our hops. No longer will they grow (or not grow) on the volleyball court in my backyard. Nope, it’s only the sunniest areas of Jeff’s yard from here on out!

2 thoughts on “Danger: busy Saturday approaching

  1. The one thing I think I left off that page that you’ll probably need is a cheap and easy way to control the fans. This guy’s got a great writeup on adapting a home thermostat to switch fans on and off – it’s been running smoothly for about a year, and I just built another one that can also switch on a heating pad for fermenting warm Belgians… (That one uses a secondary relay since the heating pad draws more power than the thermostat can safely switch) Still, there’s nothing like being able to note on your recipe that it “fermented at exactly 72 degrees for 6 days”!

    (It’s worth looking for quiet fans, though. Mine are a little noisy…)

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