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Donation and Sponsorship Requests

Donation and Sponsorship Requests

Important information for anyone requesting an alcohol donation:

We can only give alcohol to nonprofit organizations in our distribution footprint. If you're not a non-profit, don't ask for it.

IF you are a non-profit and IF you are in our distribution footprint, you need to obtain a temporary liquor license for your event. We know it's a pain, but them's the rules.


1. How long before my event should I ask for something?

4-6 months generally

2. When can I expect a response about my form?

When we get your request, we will get back to you as quickly as we reasonably can. That could mean a day, but it could also mean a week.

3. Why is this form so detailed?

These are all things we're going to want to know anyway, so you might as well tell us everything up front to save everyone time.

4. Who do y'all like to sponsor?

Non-profits are our favorite. In fact, they're the only ones we can actually give beer to. We love sponsoring educational causes, development in our local community, and fostering entrepreneurship.

5. Is there anything you definitely won't sponsor?

Yes! Anything aimed or involving an under 21 audience, like youth sports. We also don't sponsor bands, athletes, or sports teams. There are simply too many of them. Finally, we do not enjoy golf. So don't ask us about it.

Donation and Sponsorship Request

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  • Event Information

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