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Don’t show up early for brewing

If you do happen to show up early, there’s a good chance that Joel will be tearing down his deck and will guilt you into helping him. There’s also a good chance he’ll give you tissue paper gloves to use while chucking nail-ridden boards into the back of a pickup truck. Or perhaps he’ll bark out orders to you as you’re perched precariously on top of a pile of rotten wood.

Fortunately, Jeff finally showed up, and had the decency to crack open a MNB Breakfast Stout (oatmeal stout) for me. Based on our conversations yesterday… and a similar conversation with my roommate last night, here are my thoughts:

A good beer. Not quite there, but definitely one we should continue to work on. Perhaps tone down the taste of the alcohol and add a little more complexity. Also, it might be nice if it were a tad more “stout” and had a bigger head. Something about “stout” screams “nice ‘n frothy” to me. So look forward to a nice heavy stout laden with hints of cherry, nuts and chocolate. With a head rising up to the top of Stone Mountain.

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  1. If they ever come up with a swashbuckling School, I think one of the courses should be Laughing, Then Jumping Off Something. -Jack Handy

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