Double [IPA] Trouble


jeffbleeding.jpgNothing says dedication like a bloody gash followed by the words “Get the camera!”

Jeff had a run-in with the Carboy Fairy while we were brewing our Double IPA during our Memorial Day early morning brew session. The Carboy Fairy won. We were washing out and sanitizing a couple of these glass bad boys to ferment our Double IPA in when Jeff tripped or something… I don’t really remember. It was all a blur.

3 thoughts on “Double [IPA] Trouble

  1. The roll of duct tape in the background scares me. I don’t have that in my brewing toolbox.

  2. Astute observation. We use duct tape to create make-shift bottle caps. Actually, we were using the duct tape to mark the volumes on our glass carboys in 1/4 gallon increments. Just another one of our recent process improvements.

  3. Yikes… I dropped a carboy onto concrete once and actually *DIDN’T* break it… But just last week I was cooking up a yeast starter and gave myself a second-degree burn… Not fun.

    I personally use duct tape to hold aluminum foil in place on the lauter tun while sparging… Using foil with holes since I think a sparge arm is a waste of money :-)

    Good luck with your brewery… I just left Marietta, GA for California, and I think my new brewing partners (bro-in-law and then his other bro-in-law) might be following in your footsteps on that one…

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