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Drafty Kilt 6-pack carrier mockup



We’ve been working on our 6-pack carrier, in addition to the tap handles. While we have made a couple minor changes since mocking it up, this is essentially where we stand. As always, we’d love your feedback. If you knew nothing about us, would this 6-pack carrier give you the right impression about our brand? Would it be interesting enough for you to purchase the beer?


Just so you know, there is a description of the beer and some suggested food pairings on one side, and on the other side is a brief intro to Monday Night Brewing. After we’ve gotten this carrier where we want it, the next step is to sneak into a package store and stick it on the shelf with both black and white caps to see which work better in a 6-pack carrier’s natural habitat.

I wonder if you get carded when you try to bring beer INTO a package store?

20 thoughts on “Drafty Kilt 6-pack carrier mockup

  1. I like it – simple, not cluttered, modern design. It would definitely catch my eye in a store.

    Maybe a dry run at Hop City would be in order to see it in a very populated natural habitat…?

  2. Sexy. I like.

    If there was a “problem” the only one I see is how subdued the color scheme is. It might not “jump” off the shelf and catch a buyer’s eye.

    When I think of kilts, I envision a green color scheme with a hint of red or blue.

    But to be fair, I also have no knowledge of Scottish culture or idea how to use “quotations”

  3. I like it. I want to see it with beer in it, though. Both cap colors.

    A couple of thoughts:

    – Scotch Ale doesn’t appear to be centered under the lettering of Drafty Kilt – though that may be because the T sticks out a little far – just was wondering if it was centered under a package of the “Drafty Kilt” graphic that included the TM.

    – Love how the logo slaps you in the face. Think that needs to be incorporated on the taps to maintain the brand presence.

    Looking great. Love it.

  4. Thanks for the feedback. Colin, I’ll double-check the centering. But I’m afraid you’ve been summarily ignored on your second point.

  5. Ok, This is a kick ass idea!
    If your beer is 1/2 as good as your marketing capability….I predict my grand children will be drinking Monday Night Beer at their parties…my kids are 9 and 4…that better be a LONG time from now!

  6. I like… the color scheme is subdued, but not obscure. It wont seem like a crap beer trying to catch your eye, nor will it fail be noticed. It would be great to see it in full getup on a store shelf to decide at last on the caps…

  7. Hey, found you guys through Twitter… I’m psyched about more Atlanta-area craft beer! Yay!

    I agree with the previous comment about the color scheme not really saying “Scotch ale” to me. Giving it a tartan background would be too obvious, but a red or forest green or gold color, perhaps. Baby blue makes me think of something lighter and less substantial than a Scotch ale.

    The overall design also strikes me as somewhat cold… I don’t need my beer to come in a pink box covered in cute kittens to feel comfortable buying it, but the necktie logo and male desk-jockey silhouette don’t really speak to me. I’d find myself more drawn to a logo that has a traditional or natural feel to it, kind of vintage/retro. Makes me think of artisanal quality and top-notch ingredients. This design is more modern/hip, which makes me think of Apple or Adult Swim or something. (I like things that are tech-savvy and so on, but when it comes to beer I’m more of a Slow Food type.) If that’s what you’re going for, though, mission accomplished.

  8. Being summarily ignored on only half of the points I make is actually an improvement in total % of suggestions being considered. I’ll take 50%.

  9. No strong criticism here, just wanted to say thanks for not putting lots of text on the handle. I HATE to see useful/important copy get obscured behind the necks of the bottles when I’m trying to figure out what’s inside. Also, can we make the blue a neon blue?

  10. I really love the sans-serif font but I think the colors are a little bit muted.

    Would love to see bottles (both cap variants) in there, but it’s looking really nice.

    I’d sample it, for sure.

  11. I think you should stick with the color scheme as is. To me, blue is smooth and cold, just how I want my Drafty Kilt to be. If you make it red, then I think it comes off as warm/hot, NOT the way I want my beer to be. I think this explains why 99% of water bottles have blue incorporated into the label.

    I also like how the graphics aren’t too busy. I think it will give the brand a good impression to first-time buyers. Two other GA beers come to mind when I think of busy labels, so this will be a welcome change to the local market.

    The only thing I might add somewhere on the carrier/label (if you don’t have it already) is a mention that you are from ATL. Atlantans seem to be fiercely loyal to SW and TP, and I think it can’t hurt to educate your customers that they’ll be supporting residents when purchasing your beer.

    WHITE CAPS, too!!!

  12. West, we do have a shout-out to Atlanta on the carrier. And I am still trying to convince these yokels that white caps are the way to go.

    Just another small note on the tartan colors that some people suggest for this beer: I think it’s a good idea, but at the outset we really need to buckle down with our branding and be consistent, so we are going to take as few liberties as possible with regards to color and pattern with our 2 launch beers. We want people to understand the brand from the beginning. Once they get it, we can mix it up a little.

  13. Laura, thanks for your comments! We ARE going for something a little bit more modern, as we want our brand to reflect not only our beer but who we are. And we’re pretty much robots we’re so modern.

    Hopefully you’ll still like our beer!

  14. Good job on killing productivity, Joelsoph. There was a real, valuable discussion going on until you had to weigh in. But I guess that’s what you’re around for – killing productivity.

  15. I like it.

    Any chance you will be selling beer in 22oz bottles? I like how more breweries are doing this. Plus, it seems like a good deal paying $2.99-5.99 for something roughly the size of a wine bottle…even though my calculator tells me it’s not.

  16. We’d love to sell some bombers, but it won’t be for at least a few years. First priority is to focus on the Drafty and Eye Patch 6-packs.

  17. I’m still having trouble getting past your logo being strikingly similar to the Rogue brewery logo save substitution of a white collar for the blue. And I concur that you need to find a way to be more blatant in your brewery tag about being an Atlanta/Georgia beer.

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