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Duck Rabbit beer dinner at Woodfire Grill



Last night Jeff, Hannah, Teddy, Jeff’s dad, Andy, Gretchen and I went to the Duck Rabbit beer dinner at Woodfire Grill. Teddy, in typical deadbeat-1-month-old fashion, was NOT a paying customer. He brought his own milk, something frowned upon at nicer restaurants. Fortunately Bernard, one of the owners of Woodfire Grill, was a gracious host, and Brad from Duck Rabbit didn’t disappoint. The food was great and the beer was great. The highlight for me was the main course:

Wood grilled molasses marinated pork leg with a braised pork croquette, roasted mushrooms, served over a dried chile and chocolate jus (I think “jus” means “sauce”)

The pork was excellent, but what really set this dish off was the way that it complemented and brought out the chocolate in the Duck Rabbit Porter. The beer was better with the food and the food was better with the beer, which is the mark of a successful pairing, in my book.

For dessert? Our all-time favorite Duck Rabbit beer, the milk stout, paired with a ginger-spiced stout cake:


Notice the amazing photo quality. Oh wait… never mind. Bottom line, I need to do more beer dinners. It was great to celebrate one of the South’s beer gems, Duck Rabbit, with some excellent Atlanta food.

4 thoughts on “Duck Rabbit beer dinner at Woodfire Grill

  1. first of all, i really don’t appreciate you copying my picture style… taking shiteous pictures is my art, ok? =D actually, your pics are really good, and as a chef-nerd-blogger who always tries to take pics in restaurants these are great.

    the idea of the milk stout is intriguing… i saw it on the twitpic’d menu and was interested.

    thx for sharing!

  2. @jonathan – you completely forgot the playlist. it was the entire combination of music, food, beer and company that made the evening.

    and yes, i’d agree, the main course pairing was the most successful. each element of the dish brought out something slightly different in the porter and vice-versa. i particularly liked the contrast of sweet/spicy that was going on between the molasses, chocolate and chile. very niiiiice.

  3. I very much miss that porter. The best beer dinner pairing with the D-R porter I ever had was some longly description named ossu buccu dish which had buckwheat honey drizzled over the top. There’s definitely something in that molasses note that makes a porter pop.

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