Eli pays his debts


So we won a little beer blogger fantasy football league last year. No big deal [subtext: BIG DEAL]. As winners, we were promised a local 6-pack of microbrew. Most of the participants [subtext: LOSERS] paid their dues promptly. Some of them, including Eli “The Delinquent Beer Man” Shayotovich, did not. Eli blogs over at Confessions of a Beer Geek and is also half of Beer Tap TV.

So imagine my surprise when I received this in the mail last week:


Whoa, did Eli come through or WHAT?! It was almost worth the wait. Here’s what was in the box:

Eli, we can now safely say that we look forward to playing with you [subtext: CRUSHING YOU] again next year. Thanks for the beer, we haven’t been able to try any of this stuff yet!

6 thoughts on “Eli pays his debts

  1. Wow, not only did he pay, but he paid IN STYLE!

    Pliny & Blind Pig? Count me in for next year’s competition :-)

    I haven’t had Modus Operandi though, so you guys will have to do a review on that…

  2. Jonathan…

    Yeah, it would probably help if I brewed more frequently too.

    But I blog PLENTY — just not at my personal blog. And not about beer…

    Not that this is helping my argument any, but I certainly haven’t stopped blogging :-)

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