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“Exactly how I planned”


Brewing 3/31/08Such is Jeff’s new favorite quote. We’re debating legally changing his name to Jeff “Money” Heck because of how amazing his attenuation planning skills are. You see, Jeff has developed an uncanny ability to call the original gravity, final gravity ? even a fluctuating reading mid-fermentation ? on the NOSE. The only stipulation he has is that he calls it after reading it. So say we’re targeting a 1.058. A 1.060 would make any exacting brewmaster a little disappointed.

But NO! Jeff has SECRETELY CHANGED THE TARGET READING without telling us! And now he claims we were shooting for 1.060 ALL ALONG! I just have to think we’ve got a leg up on other brewers, since we can do no wrong with this new system.

But seriously, our attenuation has been really good lately. Try 83%. That’s pretty much 100% in our book.

Note: if any of these terms confused you at all, go here to get some knowledge.

5 thoughts on ““Exactly how I planned”

  1. 83%? Are you talking about yeast attenuation or brewery efficiency?

    Regardless, I’m attenuenvious.

  2. 83% attenuation? What style of beer are you shooting for? What’s your OG and FG?

    83% mash efficiency is good. 83% attenuation from your yeast may leave you with an overly-dry beer. I.e. I wouldn’t want a scotch ale that had been that heavily attenuated. Of course, I love dry, hoppy IPA’s, so 83% might be perfect for that.

  3. Yeast attenuation. We only reached 83% with our organic pale ale, so hopefully it will suit the style all right. Jeff has all of the gravity numbers on his computer, so I won’t guess at them. I’ll just get him to respond.

  4. Yeah…turns out 83% IS a bit dry, even for an American Pale Ale. The pale ale had an OG of 1.051 and FG of 1.09. It’s not a bad batch of beer, but just lacks any real substance to it. Gonna need to tweak the recipe a bit. The scotch ale should attenuate at about 65-70%.

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