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Faces of Monday Night: Scott “Social Butterfly” Williams


We’re going to attempt to start a new feature in which we briefly document some of the Monday Night die-hards. How often can you expect a new “Face of Monday Night”? Approximately whenever nothing else is going on. So let’s get to it.

Scott “Social Butterfly” Williams


Scott is what we call a workhorse. He’s not the best workhorse, however, because he’s really social. Sometimes we have to throw hop pellets at him to get him to focus on cleaning fermenters instead of talking to people. He is best known for carrying our wrenches around in his back pocket while walking around because he think it makes him look like a badasss (it doesn’t).

When he isn’t stealing wrenches, Scott works in commercial real estate. But don’t ask him about it, because if he had a bad day there’s a good chance he will take a swing at you with a Monday Night wrench. We don’t care about your safety, but we could be liable.

In summary, Scott “Social Butterfly” Williams is definitely a feather in our cap. Always willing to help out (as long as he has a Monday Night in his hand), he’s THE go-to guy when we’re looking for someone to “disappear” our wrenches.

4 thoughts on “Faces of Monday Night: Scott “Social Butterfly” Williams

  1. hahahahaha

    I’m not sure whether I should feel honored for making the front page in a “featured blog post” or offended.

    we’ll go w/ slightly warm, but not too fuzzy inside. always willing to steal beer and wrenches from you guys….

  2. You should definitely write a blog post about the die hard who travels the farthest to attend Monday Night, like someone who has traveled from New York City three times in the past year to come to Monday Night. oh wait………..THAT’S ME! Jonathan, I think you have pictures of me, but if you want me to send you some, I def will.

    have you tried Southern Tier Creme Brulee? It’s an imperial milk stout and I love it so much I think it should be made into a fragrance too!

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