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Fosters: Australian for “Urine”


Fosters KangarooSo I’ve been “Down Under” (in Australia) for the past week and am finally getting ready to head home. First off, I’ve gotta say that the Aussies are one friendly bunch. I actually mentioned my impression in passing to someone at dinner last night and was informed that they have recently been surpassed by the CANADIANS! Yes, that’s right, there IS actually a friendliest country award, Australia used to own it and as of last week they just lost out to the Canadians. I’ve been to Canada and I think the survey must be a bunch of crap.

Anyhow, I have taken some time to sample the local beers but I must first dispel a common myth – Fosters is NOT Australian for beer. In fact after a week here I have yet to find a place that serves Fosters and most people don’t even know what it is. That being said I did enjoy much of what the Aussies had to offer in the way of beer. Coopers Brewery has a great naturally carbonated pale Ale (sort of similar to a Sierra Nevada) and a Tasmanian brewer James Bogue has a good lager. My favorite by far though is the James Squire Amber Ale. They’ve been brewing it for over 125 years and use some native Australian hops. It has a nice copper colour and a fabulous finish. And yes, if you read the description page it says it goes well with Kangaroo – believe it or not that’s how I drank it last night – with a side of rare smoked kangaroo!

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