Free Monday Night Brewery pint glasses!


mnbglass.JPGSeeing as Joel is now the proud father of a plethora of MNB pint glasses, we thought it about time to start giving some of these bad boys away. Every month, starting in the beginning of May, we will be giving two pint glasses away to someone on our mailing list. So for those of you suffering pint glass envy, this is the perfect way for you to get rid of those busted plastic cups in your cupboard. More important than that, this is a great way for you to support your favorite soon-to-be-microbrewery and stay informed about our dirty deeds. We have no doubt that all of the cool kids will be signing up soon.

Funny story, we haven’t actually sent out any emails to our mailing list yet. Probably because our current list is comprised primarily of our moms, dads and siblings.

Sign up here.

10 thoughts on “Free Monday Night Brewery pint glasses!

  1. Free stuff? I knew that decision to click on the e-mail list paid off. I am a long standing mailing list member, it’s been at least two weeks since I joined.

  2. Mary Stuart said you guys had the best pint glasses in town. She said that if I joined your mailing list I’d win some. She promised. And she said that Monday Night Brewery beer was the best ever. Don’t make her a liar.

    Think of it as some free advance advertising in Prague. Really.

  3. Guys,

    How’s the brewery startup coming? Lucked onto your blog and am curious how it goes. Too bad you can’t supply the glasses filled with your beer.

    good luck

  4. Love the site. Hard work pays off keep trying, Atlanta needs another microbrew.

    Good Luck.

    P.S. Don’t talk to people who order Budweiser. They aren’t worth the time.

  5. I live too far away to attend any of these gatherings. But I’ll proudly quaff your beverage all over DC in some sweet glasses if you’ll send them my way!!!

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