Full house! Also, zombies!


I just got back from Tuesday Night Zombies. After the success of Monday Night Brews, a few of us (okay, just me and Phil) decided to follow it up with a weekly night of dinner-and-a-zombie-movie. This night’s flick was the groundbreaking, albeit controversial Romero classic Dawn of the Dead. They said it was controversial anyway. It wasn’t.

But I digress. Before I hit the sack, I wanted to thank everyone who showed up Monday night to help us brew and consume beer. We had the largest showing ever (around 15 I believe), and the night was quite fun. Essentially, this is why we brew beer (besides the taste). So please, continue to come by. And if any of you out-of-towners are ever in the Atlanta area on a Monday night, drop us a line. We’d love to have you, unless you’re really mean or steal stuff or something. And if you liked our Christmas Ale, please, don’t come by. We’ve changed.

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