Get the Monday Night discount at Hop City Beer!



Q: What’s better than an amazing selection of 1200+ different craft beers?

A: Discounts on the same craft beer.

Mention “Monday Night Brewery” at Hop City every Monday night to get a special discount on all craft beer purchases. How are we able to offer such a bargain? Let’s just say that we tortured Hop City’s owner, Kraig Torres. Well… it was more of an interview. But since Joel was in attendance, I’m sure it felt like torture. Look out for the full interview next week.

And if you haven’t checked out Hop City yet, you must. Great selection, great service.

6 thoughts on “Get the Monday Night discount at Hop City Beer!

  1. What’s considered monday night? If I were to leave work at six and drop by, would it be monday night? Or is that monday evening? Does Monday night not start until after 9 PM?

    I ask because I must MMOB tonight.

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