Gluten Freedom at Monday Night Brewing

Gluten Freedom at Monday Night Brewing

Gluten Freedom Night is an endeavor close to our hearts. With many friends and family who suffer from gluten intolerance, we want to provide a stress-free night of high quality beer and pizza.

Upcoming Gluten Freedom Nights at Monday Night Brewing

Here’s how we do it:

Eliminating Cross-Contamination

We close our kitchens early the day prior to Gluten Freedom night for a thorough cleaning to eliminate cross-contamination. This includes all surfaces in our kitchen and prep areas as well as the serving trays and pizza ovens.

Our Gluten-Free Dough

Our dough is a blend of gluten-free flours including buckwheat, maize, rice, and psyllium.

The dough is our attempt to create something as close as possible to true neapolitan pizza.  We use a blend of gluten free flours including buckwheat, maize, rice, and psyllium, which is then followed by a long fermentation.  The finished dough it cooked in our wood-fired ovens at 900 degrees resulting in an airy crust with a nice texture almost as good as the real thing.

You’ll also find us making some gluten free loaves with this same dough.

Gluten-Free Toppings

All our pizza toppings – from the sauces and cheese, to the vegetables, olive oil and herbs are certified gluten-free.

Simple Illusion, Gluten-Free Belgian-Style Pale Ale

Simple Illusion is a 100% gluten free Belgian-style pale ale brewed using malted millet and buckwheat. Coming in at 6.5% ABV, this beer is hopped tastefully with citrusy Amarillo hops and finished with a fruit-forward Belgian yeast strain. This beer is quite quaffable with notes of apricot and golden plum.

Gluten-Free Spirits and Zero-Proof Cocktails

We have a broad selection of cocktails and zero-proof cocktails made with gluten-free spirits and gluten-free syrups, herbs and fruits.

Thanks for your interest in Gluten Freedom at Monday Night Brewing.