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Gravity reigns in our sparging setup


A haiku dedicated to Isaac Newton:

Sir Isaac Newton
You invented gravity
So that we could brew

Hopefully we’ll be getting a pump soon, but until then, we rely on gravity. At least we have a rotating sparge arm, unlike the lame stationary setup that Travis made. Those New Yorkers can’t do anything right…

7 thoughts on “Gravity reigns in our sparging setup

  1. Southerners are always impressed with things that sparkle, shine or spin. It’s the result of slower development. In my garage we got over that years ago and noted that “moving parts make breaking parts”

    Not to mention that I made my own sparge arm:
    PVC- $6
    Ball Valve-$5
    Being smart enough to make water come out of little holes in plastic- priceless

  2. Yeah, what Travis said. I wanted to have a cool shiny premade sparge thingy, but my buddy makes all his own stuff. And once my wife saw that, I would have looked like less of a man if I went and bought it instead of making it.

    Also, the end of that video made me have to go pee.

  3. So how’s that truly even water distribution working out for you, Travis? What’s that? Oh, it’s not really all that even? I guess that’s affecting your mash efficiency, huh? Yeah, we don’t have that problem since our sparge arm spins.

  4. Are you questioning my efficiency-hood in front of the ladies?!

    Seriously though, it’s cool you guys figured out gravity. I know the education system is a little slower down there so I am really proud of you going out and doing some independent studies for a breakthrough of this magnitude.

    Southern people everywhere are getting a tattoo’s in your honor. My suggestion is a number 3 for Dale.

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