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Gravity reigns on Monday Night


jonathansparge.jpgYesterday we learned something important about gravity. Namely, that it is awesome. We brewed a 10-gallon all-grain batch of stout, which essentially filled up our mash tun to capacity. We also decided to try to get our wort to a boil as we were siphoning out of the sparging setup. I won’t bore you with the details, but these factors combined made for a general lack of our liquids moving where we needed them to be.

And that’s why you see a sweet action shot of me lifting 180 degree water to a height heretofore unknown to mankind. Ladies and gentleman, if there’s something obstructing your view of the picture, it is most definitely [my] triceps.

MNB: 1 Gravity: 0 Halftime

jeffpeterwortchiller.jpgFor the first time ever we cooled 10 gallons of 212 degree water (boiling) to about 70 degrees in 20 minutes, straight into the carboys, where we added some yeast and let ‘er rip.

And we couldn’t have done it without the help of gravity. Peter was also marginally helpful as he procured the necessary equipment for us.

Plus, we are geniuses.

MNB: 2 Gravity: 0 Final

3 thoughts on “Gravity reigns on Monday Night

  1. Baker,
    Love the cloud of clove smoke obstructing your face from view in the second pic. You are truly a man’s man. Classic.

  2. A man’s man in a pink shirt, no less. What ya’ll are missing is all the pics I DIDN’T post.

    P.S. Jeff: “Who wears short shorts?”

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