3 thoughts on “Grimbergen: a beer I know nothing about because I can’t read the label

  1. I was at a beer / homebrew store today and saw this… They specialize in some hard-to-find selections…

    If you’d like, drop me a note and we might be able to arrange a trade… I do miss Terrapin Rye Pale Ale…

    I may also be able to trade other stuff not available in GA… We have a much better selection here in CA.

  2. Ahhh, Grimbergen. That and Hoegaarten are my favorite beers. One of the many things I miss about being stationed in Europe is being able to go down to the grocery store and getting all the finest German beers and wines. If I wanted something different, I’d just cross the border into France and go to the Cora hyper-marche, Belgian beer, Dutch beer, cider, wine from all round the world, cheese worth killing for.

  3. We can get that here in Charlotte. Don Richardson has a beer brokerage company called “Allgood Brands” & they carry it. I think he is expanding to Ga., so if nobody is carrying it in your neck of the woods yet, he may come to your rescue. This year my g/f poured for Don at the Charlotte Oktoberfest. Her table featured Grimbergen, St Bernadus, Trippel Karmeleit among a few others. She was a happy girl!

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