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Half Acre Beer Company: kindred spirits? We’ll see…


Our friend (and fellow homebrewer) Ted has gotten himself hooked up to a real-life brewery: Half Acre Beer Company, based out of Chicago. Their story is an interesting one. Half Acre doesn’t yet have their own brewery, but they are working on it. In the meantime, they’re contract brewing with some friends farther North.

We’re going to try to snag an interview with Ted and/or Half Acre, but in the meantime, check out their site. Right now they only brew a lager. I’m not huge on lagers, but I’d be willing to give this mother a try.

2 thoughts on “Half Acre Beer Company: kindred spirits? We’ll see…

  1. Living in Chicago, I have had the pleasure of drinking a few Half Acre’s. They are super yummy. A bit more citrusy than your average everyday lager, but very refreshing. It would be a nice one to drink a lot of on a hot summer day after mowing the lawn. Or after doing nothing.

    Also, I have had some dealings with Ted, and he is extremely helpful for new brewers. For that matter, Half Acre is great with that as well, as they were the ones that turned me on to his blog in the first place. The blog is well written, and he publishes all his stats from brew sessions, so it’s easy to follow what he was doing.

  2. This is Ted’s wife here. For the record, it was I who alerted Ted to the fact that there was a new beer company in town, and I urged him and his brother to go to the tasting, which led to the ensuing relationship. Just goes to show y’all the importance of having partners/spouses who are looking out for your brewing interests.

    p.s. Jonathan, you have great taste in music!

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