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Half Acre finds its way to Georgia


On a recent trip to Chicago, Jeff’s wife Hannah picked up a precious little gift for us:


Ever since we interviewed Half Acre Beer Co in November 2007 we’ve been hankering to try some of their beers. Gabriel and the gang have been nothing but helpful as we try to navigate the murky waters of starting a brewery. So we were obviously anxious to see if they could brew a decent beer. Survey says… Yes. According to Half Acre:

Half Acre Over Ale is what we call an American Style Bitter. This deep brown beer is brewed with six varieties of malted barley and balanced with three generous hop additions. You?ll find a mild malt body with bitter bones.

And as an added bonus, our friend Ted had a hand in the recipe formulation for the beer. We found the Over Ale a deliciously balanced beer. Both easy-to-drink and flavorful. Congrats to Half Acre, and look out for them if you’re ever near Chicago!

NOTE: No one has ever accused me of being a beer photographer. So shut up. SHUT IT!

2 thoughts on “Half Acre finds its way to Georgia

  1. Over Ale is fantastic. When I’m buying beer (not often these days), that is my go to pick right now.

    It’s too bad that the Daisy Cutter was all gone before she got here. I seriously could drink that until I fall over.

  2. We have heard excellent things about the Daisy Cutter. If you get your hands on some LET ME KNOW. We’ll set up a trade.

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