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Han Brolo Wins Paste Magazine Blind Tasting

Han Brolo is #1. We may feel that way, but it’s always nice when a panel of experts validates it.

Paste Magazine regularly hosts blind tastings of different styles of beers from around the country and around the world. This time around, it was pale ales. Out of 151 pale ales sampled by Paste’s panel of experts, Han Brolo came out on top.

“Winning a best of from the Paste blind tasting is pretty special. Not only do they bring in some top beer judges but they actively seek out the highest rates beers for that style and therefore it’s one of the most competitive in the US. To be in the top 50 is amazing, to be #1 is just mind blowing when you look at the list,” said co-founder Joel Iverson.

Monday Night Brewing is the first brewery from Atlanta to win one of these blind tastings.

“Monday Night Brewing … is an ascendant brewery in the Southeast, and it’s time to recognize it.”

According to the review, “Han Brolo …is unique, possibly among all of the entries, for the fact that it is brewed with lactose, as is common among the so-called ‘milkshake IPAs’ …. Unlike true milkshakes, however, Han Brolo isn’t made with any fruit purees, vanilla or additional sweeteners—just plenty of hops. The results are pretty sublime, accentuating the fruit flavors and juiciness without adding an overwhelming amount of residual sweetness…The use of lactose only enhances the silky texture, but it’s the hops that are doing most of the heavy lifting. It’s an outstanding pale ale, and #1 in our field of 151,” writes Jim Vorel. Read the entire list and reviews here.


1 thought on “Han Brolo Wins Paste Magazine Blind Tasting

  1. I visited both of your locations in March. I got completely hooked with your beers and places. When I had this pale ale, it was superb from the aroma before even the first sip. Congratulations. I hope you get distribution soon in Columbia, SC.

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