Heaven will be a lot like a microbrewery


On my excursion back to Nashville this weekend I thought I’d take the opportunity to check out the local micro, Yazoo. Given that they started up in 2003, they weren’t around when I was in high school (nor was I able to purchase their beer due to “underage-ity“). So. My brother and I made the trek to Yazoo, which happens to be in an old factory just west of downtown. My brother took his camera and basically just took pictures of me drooling in awe. There were a few pics that either didn’t have me in them or didn’t have me drooling. They can be found at my brother’s Flickr site. Before I get into the nitty gritty, an interesting thing happened on the way to the brewery. We passed this sign:

Yes, it was a “sign” indeed. So let me just say that my brother and I were essentially the only tour participants. Which was sweet. There was actually one regular, Wilson, who tagged along, but he was too drunk to interfere with my enjoyment. I got to eat grains, smell hops, peek into brew kettles, and, of course, sample the goods.

In summary: the beer was good (try their Pale Ale), the people were great. Do yourself a favor and support your local micro ? and if you don’t live in Tennessee, look out for Yazoo, because they’re a-coming for you.

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