Hefe help!


We’ve already bent our own rules… Monday we brewed our first wheat beer and neglected to name it during the brew session. (Yes, brew session. It’s the lingo used in the business. Consider yourself informed.) That said, we’d love your help.

The stipulations: Each of our beers is going to revolve around a “character.” Fat Monk is a monk, Swashchuckler is a clown pirate, Roundhouse is a ninja. The beer name doesn’t have to be a character, but must be somewhat related to one (roundhouse kick to the face = ninja or Steven Seagal). Bonus points will be awarded for bringing in the beer’s history.

Also, the name has to be totally kickass. Please leave all suggestions as comments.

2 thoughts on “Hefe help!

  1. This may be a bit too similar to Swashchuckler, but what about Grin Reaper (or Grinning Reaper)? Kind of follows with the whole wheatfield reaper idea. Graphically, you could have some fun with the hooded, sickle-wielding figure…

    Here’s another: Weissguy. You could use some sort of mobster visual.


  2. That Weissguy thing has some legs to it… I like mobsters. And gangsters. Myeah, see?

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