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Holy roly-poly, Batman! There are leaves in my beer!


hopsinwort.jpg Monday we used the most loose-leaf hops (which is actually a flower) we’ve ever used during a boil. Usually we use a lot of hop pellets in the boil and reserve loose-leaf for dry-hopping. Things were going great. Joel was even keeping his nose out of everything so that the grown-ups could work.

So then we had to cool the wort and get it into fermenters. So… that actually posed a problem. See that strainer full of spinach-type-stuff? There were about four strainers of the same stuff in the beer. Holy flower power, Batman! There’s a clog in my pipe!

3 thoughts on “Holy roly-poly, Batman! There are leaves in my beer!

  1. Yeah, isn’t it fun! Actually it was a lot of hard work. I decided to go with all whole hops for a Czech Pilsner. When I got the hops in the mail, they were only 2%aa. So I had to up the amounts. In all there was 13 ounces in a 6 gallon batch. A real armful. We had to let it come to a boil, then stir in the 2-3 inch layer of hops above the wort line, and repeat this over and over. Chilling was a bear too. But it was worth it. It came out smooth and hoppy and great. Just thought I’d share my hoppy story. You can read more about it at my journal. Cheers.

  2. I much prefer whole hops, but the supply determines what I get to use. We just did a Czech pils as well using whole hops, and even dry hopped with 2 ounces, which really cut in to our final volume.

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