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Homebrewing gets a facelift


We’ve been talking with John Carnett, creator of The Device, about his innovative cooling techniques (using a cold plate to chill water running through copper tubing that runs around whatever you’d like to chill). These talks originated from our pilot brewery discussion in which we were trying to find the best way to control temperatures during fermentation. John started acting all weird and mysterious, saying things like:

Sadly due to IP I can’t tell you about everything that we learned but we are no longer using cold plates in our process at all… If you can wait a a bit my patents will be fully filed.

Whoa. Ok NOW we’re intrigued. Turns out John was on to something big. An entire business, even, called Nanobrewing Technologies.  And what they’re selling puts the original device to shame. A beautiful all-in-one brewing solution that even the wife or girlfriend might allow inside the house. Check out the article on PopSci.

Photo used WITHOUT permission from John Carnett 

6 thoughts on “Homebrewing gets a facelift

  1. That thing is a little out of control. Interesting, but out of control.

    Even more interesting is the comments on the Popsci article from “Heinrich” the “Chemical Engineer” (Heinrich being the German word for “local boob”). He basically states that it’s interesting that Americans would use this in that you can’t usually find good beer on tap in the USA.

    Do I hear the rumblings of another beer war? Perhaps something that the northern and southern states can agree on?

  2. Wow. Unless I knew German I wouldn’t have even been offended by the “Chemical Engineer’s” comment. Although if you AVERAGE US bars’ tap selections, he may be right. The implications of Americans having poor taste in beer may also be right. His German attitude is, however, not right. I do think we craft-lovers are still in the overwhelming minority.

    But hey, I’m always up for another beer war. Travis, you up for a German smack-fast?

  3. You know, this seems like a cool gadget, and it will help solve the one problem most novice (and some advanced) brewers have with their beer – fermentation temp control. That’s really the only thing that this does which the average brewer will benefit from (perhaps some advantages due to reduced oxidation, but anyone with half a brain and a siphon can figure out how to keep that to a minimum.

    But I wouldn’t go near it. You can’t even brew all-grain on this thing. And all the technology in the world won’t replace knowledge and diligence. I could buy this, or a Sabco brew-magic, or any number of other gadgets. I’ve got a credit card. But I don’t think any of this technology would make my beer taste any better. All the gadgetry may make the process go more smoothly, but it won’t improve the flavor.

  4. Brad, you are hilarious. I seriously doubt you are the target market for this thing. I don’t think any self-respecting homebrewer would go near it, but for the first-time homebrewer who has a ton of money lying around, this might make more sense. You still lose a lot of the process, and not being able to do all-grain is pretty much the worst thing ever, but this sure would make brewing 1) easier and 2) better looking. No, I wouldn’t go near it either. But that’s not to say it doesn’t have a purpose.

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